How to Find Wheelchair Accessible RV Rentals

Katie DuncanNovember 6, 2023

How to Find Wheelchair Accessible RV Rentals

The great thing about the outdoors is that it’s something that everyone can participate in, regardless of ability. Wheelchair-accessible RVs give those who rely on the mobility device the opportunity to enjoy nature and camp with ease. However, finding the right RV to accommodate accessibility needs isn’t always the simplest task.

Luckily, finding wheelchair-accessible RV rentals on Outdoorsy doesn’t have to be hard. We’re here to help you find the perfect rig for your vacation!

Wheelchair-Accessible RVs For Rent Near You

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Finding a Wheelchair Accessible RV on Outdoorsy

The great thing about peer-to-peer RV rental companies, like Outdoorsy, is that you have all sorts of makes and models to choose from. Unlike with a traditional rental company where you’re usually limited to the few models they provide. Using peer-to-peer RV rental platforms increases the chances that you’ll find an RV with the features you need.

To find a wheelchair-accessible RV on Outdoorsy:

  1. Visit the RV Search page and enter your dates of travel and the location where you’d like to pick up the RV.
  2. Adjust your search by clicking under the guests tab, you’ll find four options where you can adjust the number of adults and children, search for pet-friendly rigs, and of course, ADA-accessible RVs.
  3. Toggle the ADA accessible option ON, then click “Search” 
  4. Your search results will return ADA-Accessible RVs. 

Search for a wheelchair accessible RV now

See how to filter for wheelchair-accessible RVs on Outdoorsy

Contacting the RV Owner

If you have any questions regarding a specific RV, don’t hesitate to contact the owner of the RV you’re looking at. This can be done by clicking the ‘message host’ button located toward the bottom of any RV listing page. Outdoorsy owners will be happy to answer any specific questions about their RV and its accessibility.

Broadening Your Search

To broaden your search results for wheelchair-accessible campers, try searching for RVs that are listed in areas other than your starting point. Many of our hosts also offer delivery, making it easier than ever to get a handicap-accessible RV.

Requesting RV Delivery

Wish you could just arrive at your campsite and already have everything set up for you? With some Outdoorsy rentals, you can! To make things easier on renters, some RV owners offer delivery. You can have your rental delivered to your home, a pick-up location, or even your final destination. 

To search for RVs that can be delivered, click “Delivery,” at the top of the Outdoorsy search page and decide whether you’d like to have it delivered to you or to your destination.

Or, click here to see wheelchair-accessible RVs that are delivery ready near you.

This will narrow down results to RVs that can be delivered in that area. The option to have your RV delivered to your destination is especially handy for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of hitching & unhitching, towing, or driving a large rig.

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Renting a Wheelchair-Accessible RV: What to Look For

You might be wondering what to expect in a wheelchair-accessible RV. While this will vary from RV to RV, there are a few key features that you can expect to find.

  • A ramp or lift: Some RVs are equipped with a specialized wheelchair lift that can load and unload people using mobility devices. Other trailers, like toy haulers, come with a loading ramp in the back that can be used to access the inside of the trailer.
  • Open floorplans: RVs can be a tight squeeze. Wheelchair-friendly models will have larger pathways designed to accommodate the width of a wheelchair. 
  • Grab bars: You may also find mobility aids like grab bars in important areas in a wheelchair-accessible RV.
  • Bathroom Accessibility: Pay close attention to the accessibility of the bathroom facilities. Ensure there are grab bars, a roll-in shower, and sufficient space to maneuver a wheelchair within the bathroom area. Adequate accessibility here is essential for comfort and independence during the trip.
  • Vehicle Size and Maneuverability: Consider the size and maneuverability of the RV. While ample space inside is important, it should also be practical for driving and parking. Ensure the driver feels comfortable handling the vehicle, especially if it’s larger than standard RVs.

Some RVs may even include features like:

  • Accessible bathroom with roll-in shower
  • Roll-under accessible sink
  • Tie-down securement for wheelchairs
  • Cabinet and storage that can be reached from a seated position
  • Kitchen appliances that can be reached from a seated position

It’s important to note that not every rig will have all of these features. If one of them is a must-have, be sure to contact the owner and ask about the wheelchair accessibility of their RV. 

The Best Wheelchair-Accessible RVs

There are many handicap-accesible RVs on the market today. Here are some of the best ones out there:

  1. Winnebago Intent 30R: Offers a spacious floor plan with wide aisles and an accessible bathroom.
  2. Newmar Canyon Star: Known for its customizable features, allowing for modifications to suit wheelchair users.
  3. Tiffin Allegro Bus 37 AP: Provides ample space and can be modified for accessibility needs.
  4. Thor Motor Coach Aria 3901: Offers a roomy interior and can be adapted to accommodate wheelchair users.
  5. Coachmen Beyond 22RB-Li3: Designed with versatility in mind, allowing for modifications to create a wheelchair-friendly space.
  6. Entegra Coach Qwest 24R: Features a floor plan that’s easily adaptable for wheelchair access.
  7. Pleasure-Way Plateau FL: Offers a compact but accessible layout suitable for wheelchair users.
  8. Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX: Provides various layout options and can be customized for accessibility.
  9. Forest River Sunseeker 3050S: Known for its flexibility in modifications to accommodate wheelchair users.

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Are National Parks Handicap Accessible?

Becaue U.S. national parks are federal lands, they need to comply with the ADA. This means that all parks have unique accesibility features that are outlines on the respective park’s webpage. Additionally, permanent U.S. residents with permanent disabilities qualify for a free lifetime pass to America’s national parks.

This means that you’ll have access to some of our greatest treasures when renting a wheelchair-accessible RV.

Hit the Road

Outdoorsy believes that the great outdoors should be accessible to all, which is why we’ve made it easy to find wheelchair-accessible RV rentals. Start your search and hit the road today!

Wheelchair-Accessible RVs For Rent Near You

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