What is RV rental delivery?

Josh SchukmanAugust 30, 2022

What is RV rental delivery?

When thinking of renting an RV, it’s likely you envision yourself behind the wheel of that rented rig with the open road in front of you. But there’s a growing trend in RV rentals where this is not the case — RV rental delivery.

These days, everything from pizzas to pinots is getting delivered to our doors, so it’s little wonder that you can also order up an RV. The thing is — while some of us may long for the thrill of driving a big rig — others are in it strictly for the joy of the camp. For those folks, there are RV rentals that deliver. 

RV rental delivery is exactly what it says. You order up an RV for rent, and the owner of that RV brings it to your home, campsite, airport, or other agreed-upon destination. 

In this post, we’ll chat all about RV rental delivery — what it is, why it’s cool, how it works, and how it can save you bundles of time and money. 

Why choose RV rental delivery?

Here are a few reasons you might want your RV rental delivered to you:

  1. You want to try out towable RVs but don’t have a tow vehicle
  2. You are nervous about driving a large rig
  3. You feel good about driving an RV but not backing it up
  4. You want to enjoy more time vacating and less time driving 
  5. Your time is tight, and you want to save time by having an RV delivered
  6. You’re looking to buy an RV but want to test out a few types of rigs before you buy
  7. You’d like assistance with the set-up/breakdown of your RV campsite
  8. You want to learn RV setup from an Outdoorsy owner

How RV rental delivery works with Outdoorsy

When asking yourself, how can I find RV delivery and setup near me? You can rest easy knowing that Outdoorsy makes the process a piece of cake. You’ll simply search for an RV rental and then filter the search to find only RV rentals that offer delivery. More than 60% of vehicles on Outdoorsy are available for delivery. 

From there, you’ll get to decide if you want to get an RV delivered that you don’t move or an RV rental delivery that you’re allowed to move.

Here are the steps to find an RV rental with delivery on Outdoorsy:

  1. Hop to outdoorsy.com
  2. Plug in a location near where you want your RV rental delivery
  3. Plug in your dates and click search
  4. Toward the top of the screen, you’ll see a series of tabs — e.g. ‘Drivable,’ ‘Towable,’ etc. — click the one that says ‘Delivery’
  5. Choose whether you want a ‘Drivable’ or ‘Stationary’ delivery
  6. Type in the address where you want your RV rental delivered
  7. Explore your search results for RV rentals with delivery to the address of your home, airport, campsite, etc.
  8. Note that RV owners charge different rates for RV rental delivery — some charge a flat fee while others charge by the mile

Once you choose your RV rental with delivery and set up, click request to rent, and the owner will then be in touch with you to arrange all the details. If you’re requesting RV delivery to your campsite, most owners will even help you set up so you can get straight to enjoying your camp-cation. 

What are the benefits of getting an RV delivered

RV rentals that deliver are beneficial in many ways:

First, hitching up to an RV, moving an RV, and setting up camp are very time-consuming propositions. By finding RV rentals that offer delivery and setup, you could hit your campsite with an RV that’s ready to get you on vacation from minute one. 

Second, RV delivery can save you money when electing a stationary rental. If you don’t plan to move the RV and only keep it in one place, you’ll pay less for Outdoorsy’s required insurance because you’re not paying to cover the rig over the road. 

And third, RV rental delivery is a great way to test the waters of RV living before you dive in. You’ll get the chance to see what it’s like to stay in a camper before you decide if you’d like to advance to the next level of actually towing a rig for your next trip. 

What’s the cost of getting an RV delivered? 

The cost of RV delivery rental varies depending on distance, on the owner, and on the type of rig you rent. All of our owners who offer delivery also limit the radius to where they deliver.

For example, some owners may only deliver to locations within 30 miles of home, while others are known to go as far as 100+ miles. In either case, the owner will charge a flat fee, per mile fee, or some combination of both to deliver and/or set up your RV rental. 

Beyond the cost of the RV rental delivery fee, you’ll pay a daily fee for the use of the rig plus daily fees for insurance coverage. Insurance fees vary depending on the type of RV your rent and the insurance package you choose. 

You’ll see a significant cost savings benefit if you opt for a stationary RV rental because our stationary RV rental insurance costs less than all of our other insurance packages. With a stationary rental, you’ll rent the RV, have it delivered, and it’ll stay in one place until the RV owner comes back to pick it up. 

Where can you have an RV delivered? 

RV rentals with delivery are like any other delivery service — you can request delivery to virtually any spot you see fit. 

Want to hit the airport and have your rented RV delivered to you as you walk off the plane? No problem. 

Have a site reserved and want RV delivery right to your campground? Can do.

Or maybe you want your rig brought straight to your driveway so you can travel with it from there? We’re on it. 

The point is, RV rental delivery is as convenient as pizza delivery. 

What types of RV rentals offer delivery and setup? 

RV rentals that deliver run the range of all the RV types — from campervans to massive fifth-wheel campers. One of the most appealing things about RV rental delivery is that it can afford you the opportunity to camp in an RV that might otherwise be a challenge. 

For example, many large fifth-wheels require a heavy-duty truck to tow them. However, by opting for RV rental delivery, you can open the door to these rigs even if you don’t have a large tow vehicle. 

Or, you might be curious about staying in a large motorhome but not comfortable driving one. RV rental delivery will let you test out such a rig without ever having to drive it. 

Here are some examples of RV rentals offering delivery in 5 different states:

CaliforniaThis Mercedes 4×4 Campervan could be waiting for you right at the airport, so you can literally hit the ground running.

FloridaRent this class C near Destin, Florida, and you can have a classy motorhome ready and waiting at your panhandle campsite as soon as you arrive. 

TexasThis fifth-wheel with a bunkhouse and 2 full baths near San Antonio brings the comforts of home straight to wherever you’d like to make camp. 

ColoradoThis wooden truck camper in Denver has been to 20 national parks. You could have it delivered to its 21st.

UtahThis space-age campervan could be ready and waiting for you at the SLC airport.

How does insurance work with RV rental delivery? 

We here at Outdoorsy pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve blazed the trail when it comes to RV rental insurance. By offering our owners and renters peace of mind, we’ve opened up a wonderful new world where anyone with an RV can share it with someone who wants to rent it.   

When you search for RV rentals that deliver, you’ll have a few options for insurance. If you opt for a stationary RV rental, you’ll automatically get our stationary RV insurance package. This package costs you less and still offers the same $300,000 physical damage coverage provided through all our other policies.

If you elect to have an RV delivered to you that you plan to drive from place to place, you’ll then select from one of our three policies — all of which offer 24/7 support and up to $300,000 in comprehensive and collision coverage.

RV rentals that deliver have opened up the outdoors to a whole new crew of people who might not have otherwise gone camping. They are an easy and affordable way to get into camping. RV rental delivery can also be a great way to test out a rig like a large fifth-wheel that you might not otherwise have access to. So, next time you order up a pizza, remember just how easy RV delivery and setup can be too. 

Josh and his wife traveled around the country in an '88 Airstream for 4+ years of full-time RVing. They made an unexpected pitstop in Montana in 2020 and haven't left since. That's because they got hooked on the glamping resort they run by Glacier National Park. Fittingly, they keep up their RVing love by renting out vintage Airstreams and other retro RVs to travelers hitting Montana.

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