Top Glamping Accessories for Your Next Trip

Jen YoungJune 11, 2022

Top Glamping Accessories for Your Next Trip

Camping in nature is a beautiful experience, but glamping makes it all the better. And to make sure you have the best possible adventure, you’re going to need the right accessories for the job.

The best thing about glamping accessories is you don’t even have to be glamping to use them. 

You could be staying in a traditional camping tent or using them in your back garden under the stars, and this is what makes camping accessories so good.

With that being said, we will be focusing on the glamping side of things. 

So, in this article, we’ll be talking you through the equipment you need, how to make your experience more comfortable, and introducing you to some of the best glamping accessories in 2022.

So, if this is what you’ve been looking for, don’t go anywhere: 

What Equipment Is Needed For Glamping?

Before talking about some of the best glamping accessories, I first wanted to talk about the stuff you’ll need at the bare bones.

Basically, the stuff you can’t glamp without.

There are some essential pieces of equipment, and then extras will make your life easier. 

What you’ll need to take will depend on whether you’re DIY glamping (doing it yourself) or going in a glamping rental.

If you’re DIY glamping, you’re going to need:

  • A tent 
  • Somewhere to sleep
  • Cooking materials
  • Warm clothes
  • Water 
  • Food
  • And much more

But, if you’re renting a glamping unit, you’re not going to need to bring as much stuff with you because the rental will provide most of it.

Here are a few things you might want to think about:

  • Your duvet 
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Food
  • Bug spray
  • Or maybe your laptop

DIY camping can be great fun, but you already need to take a lot of equipment. And this can make it tricky to find space for extra glamping accessories.

This is why people tend to move more towards rentals. But, whichever one you choose, you’ll have a great time. 

How Can I Make My Glamping More Comfortable?

We’ve gone over some of the essentials you need to take with you on your glamping holiday, but how do you make your experience more comfortable?

Well, in this section, I’m going to give you 6 glamping tips to make your trip more comfortable:

#1 Bring Some Comfy Bedding With You

One of the true wonders of glamping is not having to sleep on the floor in a cramped sleeping bag. So, why not take full advantage of having a queen-sized bed available by bringing some of the luxurious bedding you have lying around the house.

Make the bed an insulating layer, soft undersheet, and plenty of pillows to ensure you have a fantastic night’s sleep.

#2 Brighten Up The Space

Bring some ambiance to your camp by brightening up the space with a variety of lights. Take full advantage of all the mini-LED lights or faux candles you can get your hands on. You could even add some solar-powered lanterns, so you don’t have to worry about a power supply.

Placing them in and around the tent will provide a fantastic glamping experience and make you feel more comfortable with minimal effort.

#3 Make Your Yurt Feel Like Home

Another great way to make yourself feel more comfortable in your glamping tent is to make it feel like home. And there are a few ways you can do this:

Bringing things like rugs, blankets, flower vases, a small mirror, and other decorative touches can really make you feel more comfortable. 

The trick is to have fun with it and to be creative; that being said, I wouldn’t bring anything too valuable to you or fragile; you don’t want anything happening to it.

#4 Cook Yourself 5-star food

One of the best things about glamping is you can bring pretty much whatever you can fit inside your car. And this means you can bring plenty of quality equipment cooking equipment to have some 5-star food from your tent.

The world is your oyster when it comes to what you can prepare while glamping, making you feel more comfortable.

Think about what you’d like to eat and who can prepare what to determine what you’ll have to bring with you.

#5 Bring Some Glamping Entertainment With You

And of course, why not bring some entertainment with you to help your family feel more comfortable. You might have some good ideas of what you want to do while you’re there, but here are a few glamping games for you to check out.

#6 Create A Living Room Space

And the final step you can take to create a more comfortable glamping experience is to set up a living room space. Having an area where you can sit down and eat or have a few beers and a glass of wine is lovely.

And the best thing is you can do it however you see fit. You could use oversized plushy cushions, hammocks, or more traditional seating. 

But of course, the centerpiece should always be your campfire. Just make sure you’re not sitting too close to the fire.

Glamping Accessories 2022: How Can I Make My Camping Tent More Luxurious? 

Okay, we’ve taken a look at what you need to take with you on your glamping trip; I’ve even listed some tips to make your time more comfortable.

But now I want to talk about some glamping accessories in 2022 that can make your tent more luxurious.

It’s important to note that these aren’t necessary, but they will make your life easier or make you feel more at home.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get into it:

#1 Heated Shower

There’s nothing worse after a long hard day than not being able to have a nice warm shower. And that’s why a portable heated shower is one of the biggest go-to glamping accessories on the market today.

A portable heated shower will leave you feeling clean and refreshed after a long day hiking in nature. 

You’ll have to make sure you have a few gallons of water available for the portable shower, but that’s a small price for comfort. 

Some of them work with batteries, and some work with gas, so you need to think about which one will suit you best.

If you’re looking for a heated portable shower, you should check out the Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater.

#2 Fire Pit

Would it even be glamping if you didn’t have a fire pit? I think not! There’s nothing better than sitting around the fire and listening to logs crackling as the heat runs up your body.

That being said, starting a fire can seem like a challenging task for some people, which is why they might choose to go for a propane campfire.

Either way, using a fire pit will give you a safe and convenient alternative to a traditional campfire that shouldn’t be looked over.

#3 Portable Stove

When you’re out glamping, you’ll want some excellent homely food to make you feel more comfortable. And that’s why you should be looking at bringing a top-of-the-range portable stove.

Cooking quality meals while camping is never an easy task, which often leads to people eating boil in a bag food. But with a decent multi-burner stove, you can make it as easy as possible to cook a good meal.

And in today’s world, you can get a portable glamping stove that comes with all the mods and cons. In fact, some of them come with more features than you get with your cooker at home, which means you can cook up a storm.

#4 Tonga Torches

Is there anything that screams luxury vacations more than tonga torches? Well, yes, there probably is, but it really does help.

A good set of tonga torches can help light up the path when you’re going to your luxury glamping tent. But that’s not the only benefit to using tonga torches:

They also add a fantastic ambiance to your campsite, which is what glamping is all about.

Tonga torches come in many different styles, but propane-powered are the most popular. They are lightweight and effortless to transport.

#5 Portable Coffee Maker

There are not many things that kick-start your day quite like a nice cup of warm coffee. But making a good cup of coffee isn’t easy when you’re out in the wild.

But, with a portable coffee maker, it can be effortless to do now. 

Portable coffee makers come in many different shapes and sizes. And they also use different methods to make your coffee, so go out and look for one that suits your needs.

If you’re looking for a portable coffee maker, you should try out the WACACO Minipresso NS. It’s an excellent design and makes perfect one-cup coffee.

#6 Coolala AC

If you’re glamping in warm weather, you’re going to struggle to cool down, and let’s face it; it’s not nice feeling too hot.

But with the portable Coolala AC, you can keep yourself cool on summer nights. But more importantly, you don’t have to worry about it being an energy-draining device.

It runs entirely off solar power, so it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. To make things better, it can last for up to 8 hours from a full charge.

#7 Portable Washing Machine 

Even if you’re glamping, you might be limited by the number of clean clothes you can bring. To make it worse: 

Camping can bring a lot of wanted smells to your clothes due to dampness and fires.

And for this reason, you might find it a good idea to bring a portable washing machine with you on your trip.

The non-electrical washing machines use a foot pump to spin your clothes clean. It requires a little effort, but it’s a small price to pay for having nice smelling clothes.

#8 Portable Power Generator 

When you pack things that require an electrical source, you will need a portable power generator with you. 

A portable generator will be able to power any phones, laptops, movie projectors, and much more without having to find a plug.

Your best option is to look for a solar-powered generator. They’ll allow you to use the sunlight to power up your equipment without finding a plug.

One thing you’ll have to think about is generators can get pretty noisy, so try and find one with a low decibel rating.

#9 Movie Projector 

If there’s one luxury glamping accessory that really stands out, it’s an outdoor movie projector. There’s nothing better than sitting under the stars with your family and watching one of your favorite films.

To make things better:

Movie projectors aren’t nearly as big as they used to be, making them extremely easy to take with you.

#10 Portable Movie Screen

If you’re taking a movie projector with you, you might want to think about taking a portable movie screen so you can enjoy the movies in all of their glory.

Your best option is to look for a foldable or inflatable movie screen, so it’s easy to transport and gives you the whole theater experience.

They only take a few moments to set up, and they come in many different sizes and prices, so you need to spend some time looking through your options.

Final Thoughts & Takeaways

As you can see, there are many glamping accessories you could consider taking with you. But, these are just the tip of the iceberg. At the end of the day, you need to think about what kind of glamping experience you’re looking for.

And I suppose that’s the beauty of glamping; you can make your experience as luxurious as possible.

What you’ll need to bring at a base level will depend on whether you’re staying in a rental or making your own DIY glamping experience.

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