Top 12 Outdoorsy Holiday Gifts

Josh SchukmanNovember 7, 2022

Top 12 Outdoorsy Holiday Gifts

Most of us have that outdoorsy person in our lives who loves things like RVing, camping, backpacking, and backcountry adventuring. You might even be that person in your life 🙂

Whether you’re looking for a gift for that outdoorsy friend or want to treat yourself to a shiny new thing this year — there are scads of highly-functional options that’ll make for terrific outdoor-adventure presents under the tree. 

We dug in to find 12 of the coolest gifts on the market right now for outdoorsy folk. Let’s check ‘em out.

RVs For Rent Near You

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Top 12 Outdoorsy Holiday Gifts

  1. Pre-planned, customized RV road trip — Few things in life are better than when the people we love plan out trips for us. That’s why we think the #1 gift idea this year is a handcrafted RV road trip itinerary where the person you love simply has to show up for the adventure.

    To do this, search our RVs for rent and either reserve one or tentatively hold one by chatting with the owner. 

    Then, check out our road trip guides to find the trek that speaks to you.

    And finally, put together a hand-crafted gift certificate that unpacks the whole deal for the receiver. Don’t worry if you’re not an artist — a hand-drawn card under the tree will warm the heart no matter your skill level.

    Price: Varies — our average nightly RV rental ranges from $50-$250/night depending on the season, location, and class of RV
Campervan near Arches National Park
  1. NEMO stargaze reclining camp chair — This is the Cadillac of camp chairs that’ll cushion your loved one as they gently glide back to view a star-filled sky on that camping trip you gifted them. The stargaze’s price can seem a bit steep for a camp chair, but the quality is there and NEMO backs it with a lifetime warranty so it’ll be the last camp chair you ever buy.

    Price: 249.95

  2. Magma nested pots and pans — RV life is all about compactible products. These non-stick cookware sets ‘nest’ into themselves so they fit into one easily-packed package. Many of their sets are induction cooktop-ready and feature a tough enamel coating that’ll stand up to rugged environments. 

    Price: $109-$339

    Magma Nested Pots
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  3. Pop-up fire pits — These durable devices ensure that campfires will tag along on your trip no matter where you choose to park it. Whether you boondock in a national forest, hit an RV park, or park on some land alongside the road, these fold-up pits help you have a safe campfire just about anywhere.

    Note: Always read up on fire rules wherever you chose to camp before lighting up. If in doubt, don’t light.

    Price: ~$100

  4. Nomadik gift box — This is the subscription box for the outdoor lover in your life. You can choose from different themes such as the Off The Grid Box or The Camp Cookout Box and have new gear delivered monthly or quarterly to the receiver.

    This is a great way to keep your loved one stocked up with the gear they need to get outside.

    Price: $33-$36/month or $150/quarter (more items are included with quarterly subscription)
Nomadik gift box
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  1. Portable mosquito repeller — Forget gnarly smelling bug spray, this revolutionary electronic device heats an enclosed repellent mat to create a scent-free 15-foot zone of protection around your campsite.

    Price: 29.99
Portable mosquito repeller
Photo credit: Amazon


  1. Life Straw — These things have taken the outdoor world by storm to quickly become the survival gift that no one should be without. It’s essentially a thick straw with some of the world’s most advanced filtration built right in.

    With a life straw, your adventurous receiver will be able to trek deep into nature and safely drink water straight from the wild.

    Price: $19.95

  2. Navigation flask — To the uninitiated, this is but a humble flashlight, but don’t let appearances fool you — its lightweight military-grade aluminum hull conceals a compass, two shot glasses, a bottle opener, and a 9 oz. flask.

    What that all means is the intrepid friends you gift this to will always get exactly where they’re going, right on time for their self-initiated happy hour.

    Price: $115

  3. Oru Folding Kayak — These futuristic watercraft have been featured in places like Forbes, CNN, and Shark Tank for good reason — they’re freaking cool and freaking functional.

    As the name implies, this boat can be neatly folded into a bag so you don’t need to rent an RV with a roof rack. Plus, RV life demands space-saving gifts, and we can think of few things that take up more space than a traditional kayak.

    Price: $579-$1,899
Oru folding Kayak
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  1. National Park Annual Pass — For just $80, this bad mama jama will get your recipient (and anyone else in their vehicle) into every national park and federal recreational area for an entire year. Considering that most parks cost $30+ for a day pass, an annual pass truly is the outdoorsy gift that keeps on giving.

    Price: $80

  2. Dutch Oven (or any form of cast iron cookware) — Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Cast iron is the all-time best campfire cookware for a reason. It’s durable, can handle intense heat, is non-stick (once it’s been seasoned with a bit of use), and cooks up campfire cuisine like a champ.

    Check out this article we wrote for more tips on Dutch oven/cast iron cooking.

    Price: ~$100 for a Dutch oven. Cast iron cookware ranges from $20-$300+ depending on brand and quantity. 
Dutch oven cooking over a campfire
  1. Anything from Ü — Überleben is the German word meaning to survive and/or to live. These cats sell well-crafted outdoor gear that’ll make your camping compadres feel quite sophisticated.

    We think this quote from Überleben’s website sums it right up:

    “Fire is essential to survival. However, “survival” is not the reason we trek into the woods after work on a Wednesday afternoon. We’re doing this because something deep inside us is still whispering, “build fire or die”. Subconsciously, we’re not attempting to escape physical death — but psychological death. We long to live. Not merely survive.”

    Price: Varies

With outdoor adventures growing exponentially, the camping gift market has risen to the occasion by offering an ever-improving array of cool and functional gadgets. Outdoor experiences are also easier than ever to give due to the advent of things like glamping and peer-to-peer RV rentals. 

Stock up your stockings on some of the items above and check out our RVs for rent for a holiday adventure that’ll go down in your record books. 

RVs For Rent Near You

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