Our 2018 Thor 28Z Chateau is ready for adventures.. Thor Chateau 2018
Windows galore on our 28Z Thor.  Privacy pull down shades keeps the coach private at night and well lit during the day. Open the windows along with roof vents to allow air circulation. Or use the central heat/air conditioning to gauge your interior temperature. Rear back up camera is great for driving but also for fitting into your space. Watch out for low hanging tree branches & low clearance drive-thru gas stations, eateries & parking lots. Our RV is a whopping 10' - 10" foot tall with the A/C unit on top give yourself a good 12' plus clearance.
After a long day of fun in the sun... use the outdoor shower. Great for showering off debris off the kiddos, fish, dog or toys.. Thor Chateau 2018
Welcome to our home away from home!. Thor Chateau 2018
View to the right as you enter the Chateau motorcoach. . Thor Chateau 2018
Take a peak out the window while the driver is moving down the road.. Thor Chateau 2018
Dinette has seat belts. After eating, then push the table down, move the cushions & rest on the bed while you watch TV.. Thor Chateau 2018
Plenty of space in the bathroom to freshen up. So important for glamping!. Thor Chateau 2018
Full size shower & porcelain toilet, just like home!. Thor Chateau 2018
The skylight over the shower keeps the bathroom light & airy. For the kiddos, pet or cleaning fish, try the outdoor shower.. Thor Chateau 2018
Plenty of storage, closet space in the vanity & over the bed storage compartments. Windows on both sides along with pull down shades makes this space a restful & comfy room.. Thor Chateau 2018
Mega Storage compartment. Thor Chateau 2018
Mega storage compartment accessed through the driver, passenger & rear compartment doors.. Thor Chateau 2018
Roll out the 14 foot automatic awning. RV comes with a fold out table. Don't forget your folding chairs, snacks, beach towels, sunglasses, hats & sunscreen.. Thor Chateau 2018
Time to hit the road... make your travel plans with our 2018 Thor 28Z Chateau. Thor Chateau 2018
Chateau Thor 28Z catching the sunset. 1 interior slide out gives you room to stretch out & Glamp. Ford E-450 drives like a champ. Two deluxe exterior side mirrors with cameras help you get to your destination safely. Your view shows up on the dash mounted radio every time you use your turn signals. Windshield privacy curtain keeps the rig cool & keeps the onlookers out. Roll out the 14' power awning with a push of a button. Light up the night with the built in LED lights.. Thor Chateau 2018
Our kitchen/dinette has a slide out. Kitchen is equipped with more than the kitchen basics for your cooking pleasure.. Thor Chateau 2018
Radio screen shows the left & right side & rear view camera views.  . Thor Chateau 2018
Over cab sleeping area. Great traveling place for the kiddos who climb up the ladder & make this place their secret haven.. Thor Chateau 2018
Kitchen has 3 gas burners under a glass cover, double wide stainless steel sink, microwave & a gas burning oven.  . Thor Chateau 2018
Jack knife sofa opens up to a sleeping area after chillaxing.. Thor Chateau 2018
Bathroom vanity & large shower. Thor Chateau 2018
Shower has a retractable slider for privacy. . Thor Chateau 2018
Queen size bed comes with a privacy slider. A Jensen Bluetooth stereo is located in the rear bedroom with interior speakers & outside speakers. Plenty of storage space above the bed, drawers & mirrored closets for hanging clothes. Bed is fully functional while RV is being driven down the road. This is a plus for approved drivers who share driving our RV.. Thor Chateau 2018
View from back bedroom. Thor Chateau 2018
Mega storage compartment in the rear back. . Thor Chateau 2018
The awning is an extension of your glamping space! Don't forget to roll up the awning when it's time to hit the road,  it's windy, when you're leaving the campsite for the day, or if campfire sparks are flying!. Thor Chateau 2018
Watch the overhead clearance on the RV! Can't go through the drive-thru, or parking garages. Height clearance on our Glamping Chateau is 12' . Thor Chateau 2018
Chateau Thor 28Z Floor Plan gives you an open concept in the living space. Privacy curtains in the rear & front sleepers. . Thor Chateau 2018