2012 Thor Motorhome - Pittsburgh Memory Maker!

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New listing! Pet friendly! 3 nights minimum requested, but open to discuss 2 nights. Concert package/Sporting event package available (designated driver included) - contact for details. Make yourself at home in our beautiful Class C RV. Sleeps 8 adults comfortably, and up to 10 with small children. Full passenger side slide out makes things very roomy. There is a queen size master bed and king size bed above the cab and the dinette and couch both convert to beds. Comfortable seating with seatbelts available for 7 guests. Microwave, stove and oven are in working order with linens and towels available for a small fee. Kitchen basics (plates, pots/pans, utensils) are provided as well as a small outdoor propane grill, Keurig, coffee maker and camping chairs. Optional add on of tow hitch bike rack for up to 5 bikes and pet friendly for well-behaved pets. 3 night minimum is requested, but we are open to discuss 2 night rentals for a $100 fee. Delivery may available within a small radius at a cost of $4.50 per mile with $100 minimum delivery fee. 30 Amp electrical service. 5% discount for 7 day rental. 8 day to 30 day rental offers a 7% discount.
Ce qui est inclusSupplemental Rental and Rules Agreement:1. No Refunds for Early Returns
2. All drivers must be at least 25 years old and must be listed on the rental platform’s rental contract when you pick up the RV.
3. Travel Restrictions: No travel is allowed on any non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc. Driving on a non-paved road inside a licensed RV park is acceptable. Driving on unapproved roads will result in the forfeiture of your entire deposit.
4. Toll Roads, Red Light Cameras, Parking Tickets: You are responsible to disclose any tolls, red light tickets or parking tickets to owners at the time you return the RV. If any tickets, fees, or non-reported tolls related to your rental are received after the rental each invoice will be charged to you. Responsibility for any traffic or parking violations will be transferred to you.
5. Fee for Late Returns: There is a one-hour grace period to the agreed upon return time. A fee of $50 will be charged if the RV is returned later than time agreed, unless previously discussed.
6. Mileage: During the course of your RV rental, there are 150 miles included per night unless indicated differently on your rental platform agreement. Each subsequent mile driven over the included number of miles will be taken from the security deposit, at a rate of $0.50 per mile. Prepaying mileage is a great way to keep your after trip costs down. If interested in prepaying mileage, discuss with the owner before booking.
7. Awnings: We do not allow the usage of the exterior awning. This is for your own protection, because they are NOT COVERED by insurance and they are very expensive to repair or replace if damaged. Damage to awnings, including damage while driving, any acts of nature, or negligence are 100% your responsibility and will exceed your security/damage deposit amount.
8. Fuel: The RV you are renting runs on unleaded gas (87 Octane is good). Failure to use the correct fuel will cause significant damage to the RV and you will be charged for all related damages and fees. You are responsible for all fuel charges. You are also responsible for re-fueling and any charges that may arise from running out of fuel. Roadside assistance may be of some help, but there is no guarantee. The RV must be returned with the same level of fuel present as the time of pickup/delivery (unless worry-free tank fee paid at booking), or $10 per gallon will be charged to your security deposit for refueling.
9.Tires: The tires on the RV have been inspected and checked, along with all other parts, prior to your rental period, but if a tire has low pressure you can refill it with air. There is a tire pressure gauge under the front counsel of the RV. There is also a spare tire mounted under the RV, in the rare event a flat tire/blowout occurs. Maintaining posted speed limits and staying off unpaved roads is your best defense against a tire blowout. If a tire needs to be changed, please contact the 24-hour roadside service provided by the rental platform.
10. Rooftop Usage: We do not allow the use of the RV rooftop or ladder at any time. Any evidence of rooftop usage (shoe prints, trash, sagging areas) will result in a complete loss of your entire security deposit. In the event the damage is more than your security deposit, you agree to be fully responsible for the total cost of repair.
11. Pets: Our RV is Pet Friendly but you MUST request & get owner approval before allowing a pet in the RV. Owner reserves the right to accept or decline any pet, for any reason. Dogs are not allowed on any upholstered area due to the soft material and the risk of stains, smells or other damage. If any pet damages occur, including evidence of pet urine or feces, you will forfeit your security deposit, and you agree to pay any excess damage fees. If any large amounts of pet hair are left upon return, you will be charged a full Deep Cleaning Fee for it to be removed ($150)
12. Propane: There will be enough propane in the RV for normal usage over up to a 7-night period. If additional propane is needed, the tank may be filled at the renter’s expense.
13. Waste Holding Tanks: There should be nothing, including, but not limited to feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, napkins, etc. put into the black water waste holding tank as this will cause it to become clogged and require an exceptional amount of cleaning to clear. You will be provided with many rolls of RV safe toilet paper and we ask that this is the ONLY thing put into the waste holding tank. There is to be nothing other than sink or shower water put into the gray water holding tank. Any type of food particles put into the gray tank may cause a clog that will require extensive cleaning &/or repair to remove.
Waste holding tanks (Gray and Black) must be emptied prior to return and valves left CLOSED, and the screw cap left ON. If tanks are not empty, you will be charged a $150 dump fee. If you will not be able to empty the waste holding tanks, please consider purchasing the worry-free tank fee during the reservation process. ($175)
14. A Deep Cleaning Fee of $150 will be assessed if RV is returned unclean AND requires more than a surface cleaning or any reconditioning.
15. Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed in the RV. If smoke (including cigars, pipes, vapes, drugs, etc.) is detected you will be charged a minimum fee of $200. NO EXCEPTIONS.
16. Seatbelts: The RV is equipped with 7 seatbelts. No passengers may travel in the RV without wearing a seatbelt.
17. RV Refrigerator: The RV refrigerator needs to be level to operate correctly. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure they are level when parked, to minimize risk for damage to the refrigerator. Any damage sustained by the refrigerator due to it being unlevel will be charged to the renter.
18. LP Detector: The LP detector is present for your safety. It is hardwired. LP detectors that are hardwired are supplied power through the house batteries. This means if the house battery levels get low, they might not supply adequate power to the LP detector and it could start beeping. The Renter is responsible for maintaining the house battery level necessary to power the LP detector.
19. Generator: The use of the on board generator is included in your RV rental, up to 4 hours per night. Any hours exceeding the included hours will be billed to your security deposit at $3.50 per hour. You will be held responsible for the condition of the generator during the period of your rental. It must be returned in the same working condition as it was given to you. The generator is inspected between each rental. The generator pulls fuel from the RV gas tank and will NOT run if the tank is under 1⁄4 full. The generator should NOT be run while the RV is connected to another electric source. This can cause damage to the entire electrical system of the RV. The generator may be operated while the RV is being driven if you need to run the rooftop A/C. It must be turned off during refueling.
20. NO DRUGS: Any evidence of the storage, transportation, or use of illegal substances will forfeit your entire security deposit. If the RV is returned with any evidence of drug use or the transportation of drugs, it will result in law enforcement being called for a report and to collect the evidence.
21. Odors/Cooking: We do not allow anything that can create a strong smell in the RV that is difficult to remove, such as the long term storage or cooking of fish, bacon, deer, etc. These must be prepped/cooked outside the RV. If offensive food/cooking odors are detected, you will be charged and agree to pay the Deep Cleaning Fee of $150. There is a propane grill for your use, if needed in the preparation and cooking of smelly food items.
22. Damage/Minor Repairs: Any damages/issues/problems/repairs need to be reported to us immediately. If a potential repair is minor, you may make the repair after consulting us. Do not repair anything until you’ve spoken to us about it. Replacement of defective parts and receipt must be brought back for reimbursement. If you purchase an item necessary due to an equipment failure (sewer or water hose, etc.) the item you purchased and the receipt must be surrendered upon return of the RV, if you want reimbursement. Should you make a repair without consulting us first, or without following written/oral instructions given, you assume liability for the repair and any subsequent repairs needed.
23. Renter Damages: If the RV, inside or out, and/or ANY of its contents that were present at the time of pick up, including, but not limited to couches/chairs, beds/bedding, counters, walls, etc., are damaged or lost during your rental period you are responsible for paying for these damages, whether you were at fault or not, or if damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). In case of an accident, theft or vandalism occurs, you are responsible for obtaining a police report, and notifying us immediately. (A documented thorough walk through will be completed, with renter present, at the time renter takes temporary possession) The rental platform insurance policy does NOT cover interior damage or repairs. Damage to the interior of the RV is charged to the renter, via cash upon return or charged against your security deposit.
24. Driving Safety: Driving an RV is not like driving a standard vehicle and requires your undivided attention. You will need to leave more space in front of you for braking than you would for a standard vehicle. ONLY verified drivers may drive the RV – never allow a valet or camp host or anyone else who is not a verified driver drive or park the RV. Please remember that RV’s are much taller than a standard vehicle and are not equipped to withstand an impact with a tree, low bridge/overpass etc. These types of impacts will result in damages totaling MORE than your security deposit - be aware of low clearance signs. All damages to the RV, including damage while driving (tree, low overpass, drive-throughs, etc.), are your responsibility and will exceed your security/damage deposit amount. The dimensions of the RV are listed on the rental listing. Never attempt going through a drive-through in the RV.
25. Towing: Towing is not allowed. No exceptions. A $500 fee plus loss of full security deposit will be invoked if it is discovered that you were towing. Also, your insurance will likely be void if you are towing. You will be responsible for any damage caused by an accident while towing.
26. Appliances: The refrigerator, air conditioning, radio, microwave, televisions, stabilizing jacks, etc. are convenience items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, no compensation will be made to you. In case of any malfunction please contact us immediately for assistance and we will do our best to troubleshoot or attempt to have someone come to you for repairs. It is best not to run the A/C and microwave at the same time. This can trip circuit breakers.
27. Camper Abandonment/Owner Retrieval: If for any reason you abandon the RV, you will be charged a $1,000 fee for Abandonment and Retrieval - plus any applicable fees for ANY lost/missing keys or items/parts from the RV. Abandonment means leaving the RV with no intention of returning to it or delivering it back to owner/drop-off location, before the end date/time of your rental period. In the event you abandon the RV without signing return documents, you agree to waive your right to dispute any claims due to damages, overages, or vandalism.
28. Lockout/Lost Keys: In the event a lockout occurs you agree to pay .50 cents per mile, round trip, for owner to drive and unlock RV and a fee of $25 PER missing key. If owner is enroute and key is found and RV is unlocked, you will only need to pay for mileage up to that point round trip. If no lockout occurs but a key is missing upon return of RV, you will be charged a $25 fee PER key. If RV OWNER determines a locksmith is required for lockout/lost key service, the full locksmith cost is to be paid by the RENTER, at the time of service – locksmiths must be scheduled and approved by owner before work is done.
29. Personal Property: Your personal property brought with you is your responsibility, and by signing this agreement, you release RV owner(s) from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property, or that of any other person left/carried in or on the RV during your rental period and day of return.
Renter Initials: ___________
30. Personal Injury: You release the RV owner(s) from all claims for injury, including, but without limitation to, personal, bodily, or mental injury, as well as economic loss or damage to you, children, guests, or relatives during your rental period including return period.
31. Severability: If any provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable judicially, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect and force.
32. Modifications/Waivers: No provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement can be waived or modified for any reason except in a written document which the owner(s) signed.
33. Damages Above Security Deposit/Insurance Claims: In the event there is any damage above the amount of your security deposit and not covered by Outdoorsy insurance, you agree to pay the RV owner(s) any monies due and allow the rental platform company to charge your credit card on file for said charges.
34. RV Return: When RV is returned, you agree that it will be free from damages, cleaned, and tanks emptied. A preliminary walk through will be completed. Photos will also be taken by owner for reporting to rental platform &/or insurance. Once a thorough inspection has been completed by the RV owner, any fees for damages, cleaning, dumping, or any other charges will be deducted from your security deposit if applicable.
35. Credits: There will be no refund/credit for any lost rental time for any issue(s) that arise beyond the owner's control. This includes, but is not limited to, flat tire(s), weather, any and all systems within the RV that were working at pickup (refrigerator, heater, LED lights, sound system, etc.), damages to any part(s) of RV whether the renter was at fault or not, or due to renter's or any guests' negligence.
36. Rental Period Extension: If, for any reason, your rental period is extended beyond the original rental period dates, you agree that this document will also extend, be valid and enforceable for the entirety of your extended rental period.
37. Security Deposit: Your security deposit will be refunded (by the rental platform) after the RV has been thoroughly inspected and no issues or damages have been found. Said inspection may take anywhere up to 72 hours post rental period.
38. Boondocking/Dry Camping: Camping without hookups (water, sewer, power) restricts the capabilities of the RV. You are limited to fresh water tank capacity, black & gray tank capacities, battery capacity and propane capacity. These things need to be recharged, refilled, dumped, etc. These things are the responsibility of the renter. We, as owners, take no responsibility for limited capabilities and capacities due to dry camping/boondocking. Should you choose to dry camp/boondock, you take responsibility and liability for the limited capabilities and capacities, and any unmet expectations due to use without hookups. If the only electric hookup is 110 amp, the renter acknowledges that the A/C and microwave will not operate unless using the generator.
39. Value Agreement: The renter agrees the replacement value of the RV is $50,000.00.
40. Hold Harmless: Renter agrees to hold harmless the owner of the rented RV, at all times, for all situations. Renter assumes all risk when renting RV, and owner cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of income, loss of life or loss of or damage to personal property. Owner assumes no liability for how the RV is used during the rental period. Furthermore, the renter agrees not to disparage the Owner of the RV in any manner at any time.
41. Fees: The Renter agrees to not attempt to discharge any unpaid fees for damage, claims or other fees, assessed according to this agreement.
42. This agreement serves as a supplement to the rental agreement, regardless of the rental platform (Outdoorsy, RV Share, etc.) and supersedes all contradictory terms of the platform rental agreement, if any. This agreement also supersedes any contradictory terms and conditions listed on the rental platform.
Renter Signature and Date
Renter Printed Name
Renter Address and Phone Number Owner Signature and Date
Initial items you would like to add to your reservation.
***Please note article #15 above***
____ Worry Free Tank Fee: I do not want to empty the waste tanks OR fill the gas tank before return. - $250
WASTE TANKS NOT EMPTIED: $150 charge will be assessed if black and gray tanks are not emptied prior to return. (via your reservation OR per your deposit)
SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED: $200 charge will be assessed if the smell of smoke is detected in the RV.
Renter Initials: ___________
LATE RETURN: $50 charge will be assessed if RV is returned later than agreed upon time after one-hour grace period unless previously discussed.
PETS: Pets authorized by owner at time of pickup are welcome in the RV for listed fee. Should any damage occur because of your pets, you are responsible for costs related to damage including, but not limited to, urine or waste stains, claw/scratch/chew marks, damage to furniture.
a. Any large amounts of pet hair left upon return will be subject to the Deep Cleaning Fee of $150.
TOLL INVOICE: You will pay the cost of toll charge for EACH invoice received that was not reported and paid for at the time of return.
CLEANING: DEEP CLEANING: $150 charge will be assessed if RV is returned unclean AND requires extensive amounts of effort to clean or recondition.
LOCKOUT: $25 charge will be assessed per key if lockout occurs in addition to .50 cents per mile for owner to come and unlock RV.
MISSING KEY(S): $25 charge will be assessed per each missing key(s).
ABANDONMENT/RETRIEVAL: $1,000 charge will be assessed if renter abandons RV at any location at any time during rental period which leads the RV owner to recover the RV, or if owner must retrieve the RV for any reason other than what has been discussed at time of booking.
Renter Signature and Date Renter Printed Name Owner Signature and Date
Renter Initials: ___________
Waste Tanks Addendum
Most renters are not familiar with properly operating an RV's black and gray waste holding tanks and; and therefore, have many questions and concerns regarding this. This addendum is meant to act as a clear outline for your responsibility as a renter for properly using and dumping the waste tanks, and the fees if not done successfully. We will go into considerable detail during your pickup orientation and training regarding the proper dumping of these tanks to accommodate the walk though that is done at pick up. By signing this waste tank addendum, you are agreeing that you have been taught how to dump the tanks and that you understand how to do it. (It is always ok to call or text us with questions for waste tank dumping or other issue during the course of your RV rental.)
RV safe toilet paper will be provided and we ask that this is the ONLY thing put into the black tank. No other items, including feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, paper towels, etc., should be put into the black tank or a clog may result.
There is to be NO food, or any other item, other than sink and shower water, placed into the gray tank. Any amounts of food particles may result in a clog that will require extensive cleaning to clear.
Waste holding tanks (Gray and Black) must be emptied prior to return and valves left CLOSED, and the screw cap left ON.
When you return the RV, the waste tanks must be empty or you will be charged a $150 dump fee. Exception if Worry-Free Tank fee was purchased at time of booking. (for $175)
Renter Signature and Date Renter Printed Name Owner Signature and Date
Renter Initials: ___________
RENTER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING NOTE OF ALL EXISTING DAMAGE BELOW, BEFORE LEAVING WITH THE RV. Failure to list something constitutes the Renter’s agreement that such damage did not exist at the time of pickup/delivery.
Interior: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Exterior: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Renter Signature and Date Renter Printed Name Owner Signature and Date
Renter Initials: ___________
RecommandationsBring a cooler for drinks. Put ice in the cooler and keep it in the shower. This will save room in the refrigerator.
There is a larger TV available to put on the table when you get to the campsite. The main RV TV is somewhat small. Please let us know if you would like to use the larger TV.
Autres points à signalerNo awning use. It is not covered by insurance and any damage would be an out of pocket expense to be paid by the renter.


2012 Thor Thor Motorhome
  • 8 couchages
  • 7 ceintures de sécurité
  • Type de carburant : gaz
  • Transmission automatique


  • WC
  • Douche intérieure
  • Générateur
  • TV/DVD
  • Entrées audio
  • Radio
  • Lecteur de CD
  • Four

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Our family has taken our RV to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore, Acadia, Badlands, Glacier, and Nashville just to name a few. We are around the Pittsburgh area and are ready to share our RV with others interested in creating awesome family memories. :)

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Règles et politiques

  • Animaux acceptés
  • Compatible avec un hayon
  • Pas de festivals de musique
  • Non fumeur
  • Kilométrage : 150 gratuit miles / day
  • 4 générateur hours / day

Une assistance routière pour chaque location, ainsi qu'une aide pour planifier votre séjour ou utiliser le camping-car.

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Bike Rack
41,40 $ CA
Dump fee - if requested
241,50 $ CA
Linen sheets towels
103,50 $ CA

Disponibilité et tarifs


Il y a un séjour minimum de 3 night

  • Tarif hebdomadaire (+7 nuits) : 0.7% de réduction nuit
  • Tarif mensuel (+28 nuits) : 0.1% de réduction nuit
  • Dépôt de garantie : 1 035,00 $ CA (remboursable)
  • Frais de préparation : 138,00 $ CA. This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing the unit prior to each rental.
2012 Thor Motorhome - Pittsburgh Memory Maker!



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Matthew B.

août 20235

Everything was very nice. Owners were very helpful and quick to respond to any questions. Was a great trip we would do it again.

Bryan P.

juin 20235

Heather and Wayne were very helpful and available every step of the way. I would definitely book with them again. This was definitely a great experience.

Bridget M.

juin 20235

Great family trip down memory lane. 8 adults total we went to Virginia Beach and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Heather and Wayne were very accommodating and welcoming. Rig was clean and comfortable. All the necessities were packed already for us. Great memories were made!

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Q.What flexibility is available for picking up and dropping off the RV?
There is flexibility on pick up and drop off times if discussed in advance.


Mc Donald, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

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