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CapucineLas Vegas, NV
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32 ft. long
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2022 - Drive with ease and in comfort. Brand new, exceptionally clean, fully loaded with everything you need, so you can focus on getting your adventure started, having fun and making memories. Drive with confidence with backup and side view cameras and gps connections with a Sony infotainment center with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Spacious and comfortable throughout, with the added bonus of bunk beds! Imagine how much your kids will love that! You’ll love not having to pull out the couch bed every night! The master bedroom has direct access to the bathroom with sliding doors and you're able to walk around the plush bed on all three sides, so no climbing over the bed or someone else to get in. The kitchen has plenty of storage and counter space with a dedicated pantry and an extended countertop. Sleeps 7 comfortably.Ce qui est inclusLinens: fresh sanitized linens for master queen bed, bunk beds, and overhead bunk.Bath: 4 towels, 4 washcloths. 3 rolls of RV appropriate toilet paper/week rented.Kitchen: dishes, silverware, mixing bowls, cookware, cooking utensils, tea kettle, dish cloths. Pop up charging station with 110 outlet and USB plugs.Exterior: 4 camp chairs, camp table, large outdoor mat, smaller door mat.Entertainment: LED HD Smart Fire TV in the living area, additional outside mounted LED TV, and an assortment of games, puzzles, and movies.Need something else, see our ADD-ONs section. Or send us a message and we'll do our best to get it for you!RecommandationsPlaces we love:
Mt. Charleston, NV
Red Rock, NV
Hualapai Mountain, AZ
Zion National Park, UT
Grand Canyon, AZ
Big Bear, CA
Bryce Canyon, UT
Hoover Dam, NV
Horseshoe Bend, AZ
Lake Mead, NV
Willow Beach, NV
Autres points à signalerDogs: $100 pet fee. Small dogs only. Max of one dog. Must be stated during rental process and must be house trained. Small dog bed and food/water dish included. Do NOT leave dog unattended inside the RV, unless secured in a self provided kennel. Absolutely no cats or any other pets of any kind.Smoking: There is a strict policy of absolutely NO SMOKING allowed in or near the RV, if smoke (including cigars, pipes, vapes, drugs, etc.) is detected you will be charged a minimum fee of $1500. NO EXCEPTIONS.We DO NOT RENT for festivals of any kind, unless first approved by us (owners). Special permission may be granted, but if not first approved before departure, and you attend a festival without our consent, you agree to forfeiture of your entire security deposit plus a $3500 festival fee.Walk through and Training: When you pick up the RV, we will complete a pre-rental orientation of the RV that will take about 1-2 hours, depending on any prior experience you have with the RV, please plan accordingly. Also plan 30-45 minutes into your travel plans for checking the RV back in.No Refunds for Early Returns, this includes if you have been in a motor vehicle accident with the RV, if it is not your fault you may be able to recover your rental costs from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.Fee for Late Returns: A fee of $100 per hour will be charged if the RV is returned later than the agreed-upon time. If the RV is returned after dark or while the owner is not home/unavailable, it will be checked in the next day, during daylight hours, and any applicable damages will be applied to your security deposit. Renter forfeits their right to complete a return walkthrough with the owner if the unit is returned at a time different than indicated. All drivers must be at least 25 years old and must be listed on the contract when you pick up the RV, no exceptions.Travel Restrictions: No travel is allowed on any non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc. Driving on a non-paved road inside a licensed RV park is acceptable. Driving on unapproved roads will result in the forfeiture of your entire deposit.Trip Destinations: Failure to accurately report your destination or giving a false destination will result in the forfeiture and total loss of security deposit.Tires: Tires of the RV have been inspected and checked, along with all other parts, prior to your rental period but if a tire seems low you can refill it with air.Capacity: Our RV has 8 seatbelts and can sleep up to 7 people. Most state's RV seatbelts law requires all passengers must wear seatbelts. Exceeding the number of travelers and its capacity can result in high-risk accidents and insurance may be denied.Please do not place items of any kind up against the RV or place chairs immediately next to it, as scratches can occur.Toll Roads, Red Light Cameras, Parking Tickets: Toll invoices are not our responsibility, and if we receive any, a $70 administration fee plus the cost of the bill for each charge will be applied to your security deposit. Responsibility for any traffic or parking violations will be your responsibility.Campground Reservations: We are not responsible for campground reservations – including cancelations for COVID. All campground reservations must be made separately with the campground’s reservation agency. All campground and campsite fees are separate from and in addition to the rental price and fees under this agreement. No refunds will be given for campsite reservation errors.Awnings: We allow the usage of the exterior awning, but advise using it with caution. This is for your own protection as well because they are not covered by insurance and they are expensive to repair or replace if damaged. Damage to awnings, including damage while driving, any acts of nature, or negligence are 100% your responsibility and will very likely exceed your security/damage deposit amount.Generators: The generator is for running the AC and temporary power while traveling. They are not used for “Constant run” and designed or allowed to use as primary power while you are camping by running them constantly for an extended period of time. Do not leave the RV unattended while the generator is running. Do not run the generator overnight or while sleeping due to safety reasons. The generator must have at least a 1/2 tank full of fuel to operate. Limit 3 hours per day. Extra $5 per hour after that.Rooftop: No climbing on the rooftop. Any evidence of rooftop usage will result in a complete loss of your entire security deposit. In the event the damage is more than your security deposit, you agree to be fully responsible for the total cost of repair.Propane: Propane needs to be refilled prior to return. $80 If you do not want to fill the 12 gallon propane tank before returning.Gas: Gas Tank needs to be refilled prior to return. $7 per gallon not filled, if you do not want to fill the 55 gallon gas tank before returning.Speed Limit: Do not exceed over above 65 miles per hour. You are required to follow ALL “truck speed limit” signs, and never travel in the left lane, unless passing.Cleaning: $200 cleaning fee. Please return the RV with a basic light cleaning - swept, counters wiped, trash and all food removed, etc. We will empty black and gray tanks, flush and add chemicals as part of cleaning fee. A Deep Cleaning Fee of $300 will be charged if the RV is returned unclean or requires beyond our standard sanitizing or stain removals, heavy smells, etc.NO DRUGS: Any evidence of the storage, transportation, or use of illegal substances will forfeit your entire security deposit. Any RV returned with any evidence of drug use or transportation will result in law enforcement being called for a report and to collect the evidence.Damages Above Security Deposit/Insurance Claims: In the event, there is any damage above the amount of your security deposit, you agree to pay the owner(s) any monies due and allow the rental platform company to charge your credit card on file for said charges, plus processing fees.Towing: We do not allow towing anything behind our RV, that is not provided by us. The rental platform (Outdoorsy, RV Share, etc) doesn’t cover towed vehicles or any damage from towing.Waste Holding Tanks: There should be nothing, including, but not limited to feminine napkins or tampons, diapers, tissues, etc. put into the black waste (toilet) holding tank as this will cause it to become clogged and require service to clear. You will be provided with RV safe toilet paper and we ask that this is the only thing put into the black (toilet) holding tank. There is to be nothing other than sink or shower water put into the gray water holding tank. Any type of food particles put into the gray tank may cause a clog that will require service or repair to remove.Cooking: We do not allow anything that can create a strong smell in the RV that is difficult to remove, such as the long-term storage or cooking of fish, etc. These must be prepped/cooked outside the RV. If odors are detected you will be charged the Deep Cleaning Fee of $300 or if excessive lose your deposit. There is an option to add on our outside grill package, if needed, that's especially advised if you plan to prepare seafood, curries, or anything with a strong odor.We also do not allow the burning of incense or using essential oils inside the RV or anything similar that will create strong, lingering odors. You will be charges the $300 cleaning fee or if excessive, lose your deposit.We do not allow the removal of any of the mattress protectors or pillow protectors for obvious reasons. They have been specifically chosen to be quiet and not "rustle" with movement.Damage/Minor Repairs: Any damages need to be reported to us immediately. If a potential repair is minor, you may make the repair after consulting us. Do not repair anything until you’ve spoken to us about it. Replacement of defective parts and receipt must be brought back for reimbursement. There will be no reimbursement if you do not bring back the defective part you replaced and the receipt. If you purchase an item necessary due to an equipment failure (sewer or water hose, etc.) the item you purchased and the receipt must be surrendered upon return of the RV if you want reimbursement. Should you make a repair without consulting us first, you assume liability for the repair and any subsequent repairs needed.Appliances: The A/C, radio, microwave, television, oven, etc. are convenience items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items, no compensation will be made to you. In case of any malfunction please contact us immediately for assistance and we will do our best to troubleshoot or attempt to have someone come to you for repairs.RV Abandonment/Owner Retrieval: If for any reason you abandon the RV, you will be charged a $3,000 fee for Abandonment and Retrieval - plus any applicable fees for ANY lost/missing keys or items/parts from the trailer. Abandonment means leaving the RV with no intention of returning to it or delivering it back to the owner/drop-off location. In the event you abandon the RV without signing return documents, you agree to waive your right to dispute any claims due to damages, overages, or vandalism.Renter Damages: If the RV inside or out, and/or any of its contents that were present at the time of pick up, including, but not limited to couches/chairs, beds/bedding, counters, walls, etc., are damaged during the rental period you are responsible for paying all damages, whether you were at fault or not, or if the damage was caused by acts of nature (wind, rain, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.). In case of an accident, theft or vandalism occurs, you are responsible for obtaining a police report, and notifying us immediately. (A documented thorough walkthrough will be completed, with renter present at the time renter takes possession) THE RENTAL PLATFORM (Outdoorsy, RV Share, etc) insurance policy does NOT cover interior damage or repairs. Damage to the interior of the RV is charged to the renter, via cash upon return or charged to your security deposit.Lockout/Lost Keys: In the event, a lockout occurs you agree to pay .75 cents per mile, round trip, for the owner to drive and unlock the RV and a fee of $25 PER missing key. If the owner is en route and the key is found and RV is unlocked, you will only need to pay for mileage up to that point round trip. If no lockout occurs but a key is missing upon return of RV, you will be charged a $25 fee PER key. If RV OWNER determines a locksmith is required for lockout/lost key service, the full locksmith cost is to be paid by the renter, at the time of service – locksmiths must be scheduled and approved by the owner before work is done.First Aid Kit: There is a first aid kit provided. Please use what you need, should it become necessary – once it is opened, you own it & will be charged $10 (replacement value). In the event you use anything in it, take the kit with you – as this is a personal and bodily fluid/pathogen-related item, we can’t pass it from renter to renter.GPS Tracking: The RV has been equipped with a GPS tracking device for safety and must not be removed/unplugged for any reason. Failure to accurately report your destination, or giving an arbitrary destination in order to attend a prohibited event will result in complete loss of your security deposit and you will be requested to return the RV to the owner immediately, and no refund will be granted for unused rental dates.Personal Property: Your personal property brought with you is your responsibility, and you release RV owner(s) from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property, or that of any other person left/carried in or on the RV during your rental period and day of return.Personal Injury: You release owner(s) from all injury claims, including, but without limitation to, personal, bodily, or mental injury, as well as economic loss or damage to you, children, guests, or relatives during your rental period including return period.Severability: If any provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement is determined to be invalid, void, or unenforceable judicially, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect and force.Modifications/Waivers: No provision within this Supplemental Rules and Rental Agreement can be waived or modified for any reason except in a written document that the owner(s) has signed.Security Deposit: Your security deposit will be refunded (by the rental platform) after the RV has been thoroughly inspected and no issues or damages have been found. Said inspection may take anywhere up to 72 hours post rental period.Rental Period Extension: If for any reason, your rental period is extended beyond the original rental period dates, you agree that this document will also extend, be valid, and enforceable for the entirety of your extended rental period.RV Return: When RV is returned, you agree that it will be free from damages, cleaned, and tanks emptied., the RV will not be allowed to be taken anywhere else and the rental period will be considered complete. (This is for insurance purposes) A preliminary walkthrough will be completed and a precursory Return Form will be provided. Photos and Videos will also be taken by the owner for reporting to the rental platform &/or insurance. Once a thorough inspection has been completed, any fees for damages, cleaning, dumping, or any other charges will be deducted from your security deposit if applicable.Credits: There will be no refund/credit for any lost rental time for any issue(s) that arise beyond the owner's control. This includes, but is not limited to, flat tire(s), weather, any systems within the RV that were working at pickup (refrigerator, heater, LED lights, sound system, etc.), damages to any part(s) of RV whether the renter was at fault or not, or due to renter's or any guests' negligence.Boondocking/Dry Camping: Camping without hookups (water, sewer, electric) restricts the capabilities of the RV. You are limited to freshwater tank capacity, black & gray tank capacities, battery capacity, and propane capacity. These things need to be recharged, refilled, dumped, etc. These things are the responsibility of the renter. We, as owners, take no responsibility for limited capabilities and capacities due to dry camping/boondocking. Should you choose to dry camp/boondock, you take full responsibility and liability for the limited capabilities and capacities.Hold Harmless: Renter agrees to hold harmless the owner of the rented RV, at all times for all situations. Renter assumes all risk when renting RV, and owner cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury, loss of income, loss of life, or loss of or damage to personal property. The owner assumes no liability for how the RV is used during the rental period.Inventory/Consumable Products: Renters agree to return the RV with all original contents in place to include any and all convenience items, inventory items, and any optional items except for consumables. Renters must understand that owner will only provide a limited amount of consumable products that may or may not be enough for the entire rental period. When renters are away from RV, all exterior items and doors including undercarriage storage should remain locked to prevent theft. If any inventory items are damaged or missing at the time of the return, the renter risks forfeiture of some or all of the security deposit, at the owner’s discretion.


2022 Entegra Coach Other
  • 7 couchages
  • 8 ceintures de sécurité
  • Type de carburant : gaz
  • Capacité en carburant : 55 gal
  • Transmission automatique
  • Capacité en propane : 12 gal


  • WC
  • Douche intérieure
  • Douche extérieure
  • Serviettes de toilette
  • Papier hygiénique
  • Eau chaude
  • Générateur
  • Solaire

Règles et politiques

  • Animaux acceptés
  • Pas de festivals de musique
  • Ne pas autoriser le talonnage
  • Non fumeur
  • Kilométrage : 100 gratuit miles / day
  • 3 générateur hours / day

Une assistance routière pour chaque location, ainsi qu'une aide pour planifier votre séjour ou utiliser le camping-car.

En savoir plus à propos de l'assistance routière


Agrémentez votre séjour avec ces options. Disponibles au moment du paiement.

Bike Rack
Thule bike rack, up to four bikes.
Cargo Carrier
For large items, cooler, dirty gear etc.
Edc Event Fee
Festival fee

Disponibilité et tarifs


Il y a un séjour minimum de 4 night

  • Dépôt de garantie : 2055,00CA$ (remboursable)
  • Frais de préparation : 342,50CA$. This fee will cover preparing and sanitizing the unit prior to each rental. It includes emptying and flushing the Gray and Black tanks, and adding chemicals. And outside detailing of the unit.

Rencontrez votre hôte, Jaime

Membre depuis 2021

In 2016, we made a goal to take at least one trip a month with our kids in our 5th wheel to create those lasting memories and get them outdoors. It was one of our best decisions and best years together! And so much fun!! We want to share our new motorhome with other families so you can make those fun, lasting memories too! We’ve learned what we like and don’t like about being in an RV and have found the best possible one to share with you all. You’ll appreciate the bunk beds for sure and not having to convert the couch or table into a bed. You’ll also love not having to climb over the master bed to get into it, you can walk around it on three sides. There’s tons of storage and even extra counter space, which is so nice to have, trust me!! We’ve put a lot of thought into providing you with the best experience, especially if you’ve never owned or rented one before, and hope you’ll love it just as much as we do!

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Photos des hôtes

Dave B.

avril 20245

We had an amazing break and the awesome RV was a big part of that; so much nicer than the ‘Cruise America’ RVs you see everywhere! Jaime was super helpful both before and during the trip and answered all our (many!) questions quickly and comprehensively. We would highly recommend renting with them!

Alexis B.

août 20235

We had a phenomenal trip and Jaime was a fantastic host. RV was exactly as described. Beautiful, clean, comfortable, well equipped. Jaime was super helpful and always available to answer any questions. This was our first RV trip and won’t be our last. A++ experience. Thank you so much Jaime!

Viviana V.

juin 20235

Had a great trip. Owners were available for questions when we needed them. RV was easy to drive and comfortable for all six of us. It did get a little warm in the cabin while driving, so I would recommend a small fan to use for the passengers.

réponse de Jaime

Thank you Viviana! We will get one added. We appreciate you and your family taking great care of it. So glad you all had such a great trip!

Luigi V.

mai 20235

The RV was in excellent condition and had every single amenity you would need. We were extremely happy with our rental

8 Photos soumise(s) par Luigi V.

Matt R.

avril 20235

Jaime and Blake were extremely responsive at all times, which was especially important to us because this was our first experience with an RV. The listing was very accurate and the RV was immaculate. It was spacious enough for 5 of us (2 adults, 3 teens ages 13-15), though the bunk beds were a little cramped for our 5’ 11” son. The RV was surprisingly easy to drive and set up at camp. It got pretty cold in Zion (lows around 28) and we had some trouble getting the LP heat to work right, but admittedly didn’t try too hard because the duvets and electric space heater kept us warm enough.

réponse de Jaime

Thank you so much Matt! We really appreciate you renting with us and taking such great care of our RV. You were perfect renters! 😊

7 Photos soumise(s) par Matt R.

Jason A.

septembre 20225

The RV is exactly what we wanted to give our 3 grown children their space. We rented the it for a 3 week trip across the country and back to see family and friends. It was nicely decorated and overall well kept. There were unforeseen issues that arose while travelling, but with every communication Jaime responded quickly and offered tips or advice where possible. We pride ourselves on caring for borrowed things as if they were our own. Our efforts did not go unnoticed. Jaime is kind, caring and honorable. We would definitely recommend and rent from her again.

réponse de Jaime

Thank you so much for the wonderful review Michelle and Jason! It was our pleasure to host you and help you make those beautiful memories with your family!

1 Photo soumise(s) par Jason A.

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Q.Do you accomodate special requests?
We will do our best!! Please let us know what it is that would make your adventure in our RV a perfect vacay and we'll try to accommodate it.

Q.Are there any special tricks and tips that would help with operating the RV easily?
We will go over everything with you and take as long as it needs for you to feel comfortable before driving off. It's all easier than you think! There's also side view and back up cameras to help you feel more at ease while driving. We're also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have after you drive away.

Q.What flexibility is available for picking up and dropping off the RV?
We are quite flexible. Please let us know your preferred pick up and drop off times when requesting to book so we can discuss options.

Q.Do you allow one way rentals?
We are willing to consider a one way rental up to 450 miles, with an additional cost incurred for travel and expenses.


Las Vegas, Nevada

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