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Souvenirs de séjours avec les camping-car de Boyan Liu

Rita Q.

1juillet 2023

Where do I start? Wow, this is was the worst camping experience ever. We've rented campers for the past 8 years as part of a growing family and never did we have such a horrendous experience. It started off 30 minutes before arriving at the campsite that Boyan messaged saying that the previous renters had returned the trailer dirty and damaged so he would be late delivering the trailer. Finally 2 hours late he showed up. Boyan did not know how to back up his truck so he asked me to get in his truck and park the camper in the site. The generator which we had ordered as listed for $30.00 per night suddenly costed us $35.00 per night. Price magically went up. Well, the generator was completely missing the start knob. So Boyan went home and returned with needlenose pliers. Upon attempting to start the generator, it wouldn't start. It took me, somewhat of a technical nerd to explain to him that the oil was low.
Overnight, the battery died. Solar charger wasn't working. Fridge and freezer pilot light did not stay on. So with a dead battery, there was no way to ignite the fridge. Our food thawed out. This happened multiple times during the trip as the battery didn't hold a charge.
FInally the generator with oil and needlenose plier showed up on Wednesday. But no gas in it. Hallo, am I supposed to bring my own jerry can? Well Boyan hauled out some marine pump system from his truck and started pumping fuel in the middle of my campsite.
Once generator finally working, he wanted me to pay cash on the spot for the generator. I told him I would pay him cash on the check out day if no more issues. He started getting very angry and talking loudly infront of my children. He even threatened to terminate the rental on the spot, hook up his truck to the trailer and tow it all out of there.
We had to supply our own RV toilet paper. After the trip Boyan tries to charge me 200$ due to clogged toilet when all we did was light use of the toilet.
The LED light strip under the awning did not work. So no exterior lights. When I explained to Boyan he acted like it wasn't a big deal.
One night, middle of the night, the CO monitor starts beeping up a storm. In order to stop it, we had to disconnect the system. Talk about safety hazard with a family of 5 children.
The trailer was gross when we got it. Hairs on bed from previous renters. Bottles of pop in the fridge.
When I started to use the sink inside for the first time, a whole bunch of water came out of the kitchen cabinets. The plumbing fittings were all loose and drain water was going everywhere. Disgusting.
One night I was going to put some pizza in the oven. Guess what: oven doesn't ignite, no matter what I tried. Cold pizza for dinner.
All of this I could have lived with if Boyan wasn't a complete loser about all this. I suggested he simply give me back the generator cash and call it fair and square. But he didn't want to give me back the 120 dollars on the last day, so then I said I'd leave him a bad review in return. He acted astounded why I would leave him a bad review. This guy was a daily visitor to our site dealing with all the issues. And he had the balls to charge me an extra 500$ of extra charges after the fact.
Short of it all: DO NOT RENT FROM BOYAN. He's fresh off the chinese boat and has no idea what he's talking about.

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Tarek K.

5octobre 2022

Beautiful RV, the host were great with communication and lovely people.