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My name is Morgan, I have 3 Children and 1 doggo. We are a very outdoorsy family. We love being outside, fishing, and swimming in the rivers.

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Souvenirs de séjours avec les camping-car de Morgan Wynn

Darcy S.

5septembre 2023

First time using Outdoorsy and everything was great Morgan was on time for both the pick-up and drop off. The trailer was nice and clean and had everything needed for a good camping trip

Tasha S.

1août 2023

We picked up this trailer expecting all the supplies as the add stated, there wasn’t even a coffee cup, coffee pot, cups or bowls. I wished I would have known so I could have planned accordingly but we just let it go and mentioned it to the host, not making a big deal about it. There was popcorn on one bed and the black tank said it was 1/3 full when we picked up. Again we let it go.
The host is saying the black tank wasn’t emptied when we dropped off, we have the receipt, we emptied the black and then the grey to flush out the lines. Maybe the tank needs to be flushed or cleaned as maintenance to this unit. B
The one Jack was broken and we couldn’t be completely level because of it. We let that go but mentioned to you out of curiosity not too complain. You said you knew it was broken before.
The trim piece above the slide out was laying on the ground when we opened the trailer, again we never said anything about it. But you are charging us?! I would never rent again from this host!

réponse de Morgan

Hi Tasha. I apologize that you were unhappy with your trip. I never met you but your husband told me you all had a great trip when he returned my trailer. The trailer does not come with a coffee pot. I have never claimed that it did. The trailer does come with coffee mugs that are in the trailer. The bowls however are missing from my set from a previous renter and I apologize that it has inconvenienced you. I have since replaced these bowls and I thank you for bringing it to my attention today in your message. I regret not informing you as I understand that it could have helped prepare you better to know about that. This is no excuse but It simply slipped my mind. The one jack is not broken, just bent by a renter before you however it still works just fine. I have bran new jacks and they will be installed however I would of had to cancel your trip to install them due to the time it would take… Knowing that the jacks still all work and taking the trailer out myself days before your trip and having no issues myself I let you rent it out. The trim does keep falling off despite my attempts at putting it back in place with nails. I think this is due to towing the trailer and it rocking back and fourth as it is a camper on wheels. I am sorry that it inconvenienced you. I do not believe that the bank water tank was 1/3 full when you received it as I dumped the black and grey water and flushed it out myself before handing it off to your husband. It needs to be flushed after every use and that is apart of emptying the tanks before returning the trailer… You failing to do this is why the tank may read at 2/3 full if you’re claiming you did not flush it. I provide you with a hose that allows you to do this when emptying the tanks… Regardless I still had to redo it all and flush it myself. This costed me time and money. I also had to refill the propane tank back up as your husband mentioned he was not able to do so before returning it. This also costed me time and money. You did ask if it was okay to return the trailer an hour later which I said yes to. However your husband was still late for that new time and as you told me he forgot his phone so I was unable to get ahold of him so I sat there and waited till he showed up. I understand you’re upset that I charged you however I felt I charged you correctly and accordingly with the advice from Outdoorsy customer service. I sincerely apologize that you’ve had such a negative experience and I am sad to see that you have given your experience 1 star. My other reviews are all 5 stars.

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Ryan R.

5octobre 2022

Had a wonderful trip. Trailer was clean and in great shape.
Would rent from this host again.

James S.

5juillet 2022

The owner delivered the RV to my property where it provided a lovely guest cottage for visiting family. Those who stayed in it were very comfortable and pleased with their accommodations. Having it, and them on our property was far better than any hotel. The owner was wonderful in delivery and introduction to the RV, as well as in picking it up after we were finished using it.

Dawn S.

5juillet 2022

Owner was excellent to deal with.