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We are a mother/daughter duo who live in the Flathead Valley, MT and love to camp, hike, and climb. We have been camping all our lives and would love to share our newly renovated van with others!

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Souvenirs de séjours avec les camping-car de Kyersten Siebenaler

Alyssa H.

5septembre 2023

Fernie is amazing!! We had the best time camping with her in glacier. Highly recommend renting.

Natalie D.

5septembre 2023

We had an awesome time renting Fernie! We had her for 5 nights and visited Glacier NP. Fernie was equipped with pretty much everything we needed. It was such a unique trip being able to rent Fernie! Highly recommend!

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Alexandra R.

5septembre 2023

We had an amazing time with Fernie! She safely got us through Going-The-Sun-Road, and all the way to Two Medicine. We couldn’t have done it without her.

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Tessa L.

5août 2023

My husband and I took Fernie around Glacier for one week and it was magical! Highly recommend campervanning for the ease of no set up/tear down compared to tenting. You also are safe from any rain/storms.
Fernie Pros: super clean, well cared for, small enough to fit in tight parking (at trailheads, in town), made it down going to the sun road, fridge with electric battery, lots of other things included that you may need.
Fernie Cons: bed is full size and short. Wouldn't recommend for two taller people (over 5'7") to share the bed. If going alone, you will be fine no matter your height cause you can sleep at an angle.

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Wendy S.

4août 2023

Fernie was perfect for our mother/daughter trip through Glacier. We would definitely travel with her again!

Michael K.

5juillet 2023

Wolfgang S.

5septembre 2022

Great rental received the vehicle as expected.
Fantastic communication airport pick up with no problems. I can highly recommend renting the van.

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Olivia A.

5septembre 2022

Mary D.

5septembre 2022

We had the best time in Fernie Ann! Fernie is set up perfectly with everything you need. They have thought through all scenarios and ensured you are equipped with everything. We loved that she had Carplay - what a luxury! Also love how spacious the van feels, they have really maximized space! Kyersten and Ginia are so accommodating and helpful. They gave a great overview of the van upon arrival, and have lots of information in the van so you are set whenever questions come up. We had the van for 4-5 days and drove through Glacier National Park and Whitefish. Fernie was perfect for all of our adventures. Highly recommend you renting her, I hope we get to rent her again in the future!

Kati S.

5septembre 2022

Fernie provided us with a trip to remember! She got got us through going to the sun road at glacier national park. The owners were very informative on how to use all the devices to keep the fridge cool and the battery charged with the solar panels. Fernie kept us warm and safe with her back door lock that let a breeze through while sleeping. Highly recommend Fernie to join you during your next trip!

Sally H.

5août 2022

We loved Fernie and adored working with her owner! Fernie is not a state of the art, brand new everything, latest and most techie, etc. She is a warm, cozy, super comfy, slightly bo-ho chic labor of love on the part of the owners who have created a wonderful mobile home away from home. They have put so much thought into all the little details and provide you with pretty much everything you need for multi-day travels. We ended up throwing one of our own sleeping bags over the bed a couple of nights. The refrigerator/power source set up was a wonder and we were very grateful for the entire experience. Fernie had plenty of power to take us everywhere we wanted to go and we were all over Glacier NP. Wonderful trip!

Maris G.

5juillet 2022

Fernie was a dream! We took Fernie through 5 days of Glacier NP and everything we needed, Fernie provided. Kyersten and Gina were awesome, flexible, and so helpful with pick up and drop off. They also thought of every contingency and provided us with even the smaller things we didn't realize we needed until we were in the midst of things. For future users - the bed will be a bit tight if you're 6+ feet tall (one of us is 6ft and slept diagonally, I had no issues at 5'6"). But otherwise the bed is so comfortable. Also keep in mind there really is no taxi service and Ubers are non-existent/over $60 at the FCA airport, so don't be afraid to opt into the airport pick up and drop off! Kyersten was so kind and helpful when we learned our lesson the hard way. Highly recommend, your trip will be a blast with Fernie!

Todd P.

5mai 2022

Highly recommend renting this van "Fernie" the owners were very helpful prior to and during our trip with recommendations on areas to visit in Glacier National Park as well as places to camp at night! The van is older, but worked perfectly, had a propane stove and refrigerator for us to use.

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Jacqueline C.

5octobre 2021

Overall a wonderful experience with Fernie as she had many camping essentials. Ginia was also a lovely hostess with prompt communication. The only drawback to our experience was the fridge which required almost constant power to keep cool. I felt like a well made cooler with ice would have been a more efficient method of cooling our perishables.

Anthony L.

5septembre 2021

Can’t speak more highly of the mother/daughter duo behind Fernie Ann. Extremely communicative, organized, and friendly. The van had everything you could need for time on the road — all I had to do was show up. It’s very comfortable and versatile - I worked from the road for a week, and the van was perfectly suited for it with convertible bed to couch/desk.

Eamonn M.

5septembre 2021

We loved our trip and we loved using Fernie! The van had everything you needed. Water, a grill, dish soap and towels, fridge, comfy bed, fans and a heater! It was very convenient using Fernie to travel all through Glacier National Park. She allowed us to rest when we needed and snack when we needed! Even being 6.5 months pregnant, Fernie was prego friendly!

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