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Aloha! I’m a newcomer to renting campervans after being an avid vanlifer!! I love living on Maui and I am so stoked to share my knowledge w travelers!

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Souvenirs de séjours avec les camping-car de April Saretsky

Franziska S.

5juin 2023

it was exactly what we‘ve expected, the best car for our needs. simple but perfect! april was always there to answer our questions, we had a great trip.

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Ricardo R.

5juin 2023

Very nice and understanding as well as rational and to the point

Account R.

5mai 2023

April was more than kind and happily available before and during my trip. The car is absolutely a winner: safe, smooth, clean, enough space and fully equipped. I'm a female solo traveler and would definitely use this car again!

Anabela S.

5mai 2023

It was exactly what we were looking for. Chairs, an extra blanket and towels for outdoors was a good thing. We didn't cook, but it looked like everything that we needed was there.
April was always kind at pick up and at the returning. Everything went really well.

Kristie S.

1avril 2023

For an old van, it did the job barely had a few curt quirks open the door and the blinkers go on takes 20 minutes for the inside light to go off. The owner doesn’t arrange the return very well at all beware.

réponse de April

Hi Kristie! sorry you feel that way, I do have drop off instructions on my page and I did text you about it the day before. I was extremely inconvenienced having to uber to pick up my van where you left it, when you did have instructions. It is an old van, but low miles & runs great - the blinkers are a simple switch that I could've explained, had you asked while you were out.

Julie E.

5avril 2023

We had a great time with the blue Rhino! Although we did not sleep in it every night, it was great to have the option. People thought we were local because of the authentic Maui paint job. I always bring way too much stuff, and with all the stuff April provided, I was stocked.

Nico T.

5mars 2023

Amazing local cruiser to explore wonderful Maui! We had a fantastic experience and April was a great host. She provided us with useful tips where to stay and the van has literally everything you need for camping. Very cozy and we felt save the whole ride!

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Julia M.

5mars 2023

I have a great experience with this car! It have everything what I need. The bed is very comfortable.

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Simon L.

5février 2023

Great van, drives perfectly. Has everything needed. Comfortable sleep. And super host, available and understanding:) Highly recommend.

Estelle A.

2novembre 2022

Ian C.

5novembre 2022

First off, April the host met us at the van and was super sweet and had
great recommendations for us. Maui Blue Rhino is a great van! Older but
reliable with a very comfortable bed and lots of storage underneath. Our
first night was fun but nothing too crazy. It was dark by the time we
picked up the van so we just found a place to park in Kihei. The next
morning we saw the full moon set and got to wade in a reef that had turtles
in it! Then we spent the afternoon at Makena Beach. It was AWESOME to have
the camping chairs and beach umbrella. After that we drove up to Haleakala
National Park to catch sunset. We spent the night up there & it was
FREEZING but the extra bedding kept us warm. Bring warm clothes if you go
up there! We saw sunrise at the summit which was a surreal and
unforgettable experience. We drove back down & dropped off the van & took a
bus to our next destination. I wish we had more than 2 nights with this
sweet ride but we got a lot in! Would highly recommend.

Nicholas S.

4août 2022

Great value and a great way to see amazing Maui. April is so lovely and nice! There are other reviews here which show exactly what to expect. Ie, the car is not a looker, but works great and was comfortable.

Nadine D.

1août 2022

The Van would be nice for a camper trip if there wouldnt be a ton of insects inside (cockroaches, bugs etc.).
We werent able to sleep in the van because of this insects - very disgusting.

réponse de April

Hey Nadine, I'm very sorry you had a bad time due to bugs. I've never had any issue with this before, in my several years of renting. I did have you bring it back right away & I cleaned and disinfected the van & supplied you with my personal tent & sleeping bag. There are obviously going to be a few bugs with island living and I feel this review is a bit unfair since I took what you said as truth, even though I didn't see a single bug when you came back, nor have I since. But I dealt with it right away and tried to fix it ASAP. I see you requested a full refund, and I agreed to the first night being refunded, assuming what you said was true - which is already hard on me, being a small business owner. You agreed to take the tent & sleeping bag and you seemed happy with the rest of your stay on Maui, and the refund, so I'm not sure what else I could've done.

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Steven M.

5mars 2022

April was extremely fantastic as a host! She was warm, friendly and accommodating. We had to make several changes to our trip and she was extremely patient through it all. We couldn’t be happier!

Sanmitra I.

4février 2022

The campervan is very old as mentioned, but the bed is very comfortable and it drives smooth for most part. Quite a few things don’t work or don’t exist, such as there was no sun visor on driver’s side, the window vent on the passenger side didn’t open (used it only while sleeping), parking brake got stuck and was very very hard to remove. The back doors and the trunk don’t open at all from inside even when the car is unlocked, therefore every morning my partner would have to slide to the front seat to open. There was only one decent small sauce pan to cook, the other small one with two handles heated up too quick and burnt my hand (the was nothing to lift it while hot). There was an iron skillet which we all know can be pretty hard to clean while on the road. The cooking oil was super old and smelled rancid. There was no container to store water and we like to go plastic free, so we had to keep looking for places to fill water. The small beach table was too small for most needs and was hard to cook on. There are no cup holders or any organizers in the car, so it was hard to keep things organized. We were also disappointed that our host informed us 2 hours before the drop off that she will not be able to come to pick up the campervan at the airport and we lost almost 45 minutes and were scrambling to get to the airport since we had not planned extra time we would need to drop off the van and were driving from far. Lastly, the post doesn’t mention most things she provides, therefore we had to keep asking about it.
Overall it was an okay experience, but would I rent again, may be not. Would I recommend to others, yeah sure, depends on your needs, I guess. I did find other local campervan company offering at cheaper rate with newer cars, two burner stove and bigger tables etc, but I couldn’t cancel on outdoorsy without loosing 25% of the money.

Sungjae L.

5février 2022