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Where’d the taxable amount on my 1099-K come from?

The amount on your 1099-K represents your tax liability as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS requires Outdoorsy to base our 1099-K reporting on the gross reportable payments that renters make to our platform. 

  • Included in 1099-K reporting: For each rental, the amount a renter pays for the vehicle (nightly rate multiplied by the number of nights), as well as any add-ons. This is before the owner service fee has been subtracted.
  • Not included in 1099-K reporting: The amount renters pay directly to Outdoorsy for insurance, as a renter service fee, and as sales/transactional tax.

Why include the owner service fee on 1099-Ks?

Because it doesn’t come out of the customer’s payment to Outdoorsy. It comes out of our payout to you.

Again, the IRS requires us to base our 1099-K reporting on renters’ payments and not owners’ payouts. 

This means your 1099-K will differ from your total payouts for the year in your Outdoorsy account. The difference is the owner service fee. It’s included in 1099-K reporting. It’s not included in your total payouts for the year. 

This could change in the future. We watch tax laws closely so we can help you comply. We’ll implement any changes that impact you and your tax liability.

Reminder about service fees

Both RV owners and renters pay a service fee. Renters pay a percentage of their rental cost. Owners, a percentage of their payout. This helps enable Outdoorsy to maintain a secure and updated platform.