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What is the security deposit? How does it work?

The security deposit is the magical money set aside to cover you should something go wrong. You decide how much this refundable deposit should be, and Outdoorsy collects it from the guest before their trip begins.

The security deposit is intended to cover any ancillary charges, such as cleaning fees, interior damage, etc. If the security deposit doesn’t cover the ancillary charges or damages, Outdoorsy can assist in bringing these to resolution.

If you don’t already have a number in mind, we recommend charging somewhere between $500 and $1,500 for the deposit. A higher deposit offers more protection, but be cautious about driving customers away. Consider the value of your listing: If you have a Class A luxury RV, you may want to charge a higher deposit than if you have a pop-up trailer.

Tip: The data shows that guests prefer listings with security deposits between $500 and $1,000 over listings with higher-valued security deposits.

How does the security deposit work?

If you need to dip into some or all of the deposit once a trip is over, be sure to claim that money within 7 days. You can manage this from your Bookings. Select the trip and then “Collect fees.”

If you don’t do anything, the deposit money gets automatically returned to your guest 7 days after their trip ends.

All claims against the security deposit are subject to a 2.95% processing fee. See below for additional information on managing the security deposit.

What does the security deposit cover?

The security deposit covers any damage caused by the guest or guest’s party that is not covered by the Outdoorsy protection package.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning or penalty fees as stated by the host prior to rental (ie. dump fee, re-fueling costs or excessive cleaning time / cost).
  • Interior damage, such as broken cabinets or interior scratches.
  • Awning damage if awning use was not authorized by the host in the rental contract.
  • Damage due to illegal activities of any kind.
  • Missing items that were provided at the beginning of the rental.
  • Towing and repairs during the rental that are not covered by the protection package.

How do I manage the security deposit?

Above all, it’s important to be communicative and transparent with your guest so they know exactly what’s happening with their deposit. Here are your options:

  1. Hold the entire security deposit —  This gives you time to estimate the charges needed upon return.
  2. Claim the entire security deposit — If charges exceed the security deposit amount, be sure to select this option. This will withhold the entire amount from the guest.
  3. The security deposit will auto-release if no claim is filed after 7 days. No action is needed by the host.
  4. If a claim is indicated within the 2-day timeframe, the security deposit will be retained for 30 days instead of 7.
  5. If a host wishes to release the deposit earlier, contact us at support@outdoorsy.com or 1-877-723-7232.

All claims to a security deposit by the hsot are subject to a 2.95% payment processing fee.

If there are variable add-on costs or fees that need to be charged once your guest returns, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the reservation page on your dashboard
  2. Select the applicable reservation
  3. Click “Collect fees”
  4. Set the amount you are charging

What if I need to charge more than the security deposit covers?

This is one for the Outdoorsy support team. You’ll need documentation of all the additional charges, including the signed RV Return Form. Go to your Outdoorsy dashboard and select “Collect fees” on the specific booking to claim the full security deposit. Then reach out to Outdoorsy support via phone, chat, or email and let them know that you have additional charges that are over the security deposit.

Once they’ve determined the validity of the charges, they’ll charge the guest and the payment will post to your account.

How does the security deposit apply to the deductible?

If Outdoorsy needs to collect a deductible from the guest as part of a covered claim, we may do so from the security deposit. For example, the guest owes a $500 deductible, and we held $500 as their security deposit. In this case, the security deposit goes to Outdoorsy as their deductible.

If you also need to collect from the security deposit, we’ll handle your payout first. This might happen, for example, if the guest owes you a $100 fee for excessive cleaning and a $150 fee for smoking. We’ll pay you $250 from their $500 security deposit. The remaining $250 from the security deposit will go toward their deductible. Leaving an additional $250 for the guest to pay as the deductible.

Please note: If the security deposit is released for any reason prior to the claim concluding, the guest will be responsible for the full deductible amount. The release of a security deposit does not represent the conclusion of an insurance claim investigation, and any ancillary charges or deductible charges may still be pursued.