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Physical Damage Coverage for Outdoorsy Hosts (US Rentals)

Overview and Declarations Information

Outdoorsy coverages are unique in that both the host and guest are protected when renting through Outdoorsy and purchasing a Protection Package. The protections offered are specific to the party and the protection package available and purchased. The information contained herein is specific to the vehicle host and describes what is precisely covered and under what circumstances. To the extent this document conflicts with the Outdoorsy Terms of Service, this document controls.

Host Coverages 

Once a host or listing agent has completed the insurance verification for the listed vehicle the vehicle host’s protection is activated. Providing a claim meets the coverage stipulations below and the Outdoorsy Terms of Service, and the host hands the keys to a verified driver, the host’s vehicle is covered for Comprehensive and Collision coverage (as described below) for the Actual Cash Value of the covered unit up to 1 million dollars. The host is also covered under these conditions for up to 1 million dollars in liability coverage for circumstances where the host is found liable for a covered loss.

Covered vehicles

Hosts who list their vehicles on the Outdoorsy platform can apply for vehicle protection through the listing tool. If your vehicle is approved, it would qualify as a covered vehicle provided that the vehicle is properly maintained as described and required in the Outdoorsy Terms of Service. Please note that any motorized unit or trailer with a salvage-titled history does not qualify for coverage. If you have an older vehicle, know that Outdoorsy is the only major RV rental platform that covers vehicles older than 15 years for both Physical Damage and Liability. Motorized vehicles registered in the state of New York do not qualify, only trailers.

Please note any vehicle that does not meet consistent safety verification standards outlined by Outdoorsy’s vehicle certification requirements and terms will be disqualified as a covered vehicle.

Episodic Coverage

Outdoorsy provides episodic coverage under its protection packages for covered losses that occur exclusively during the rental period. The covered period for host coverage extends from the time of key handoff to the verified guest on the start date of the booking, until the vehicle return and key handoff on the final scheduled booking date (or earlier if returned earlier than the final booking day). 

Covered damages that cannot be confirmed as having occurred during the rental period will not be paid. Hosts must take unaltered, unedited pre-trip photos with metadata containing the date and time stamp of when such photo was taken immediately prior to departure and the same photos immediately upon return. 

Territories of Coverage

Our US Comprehensive and Collision coverage applies to covered losses occurring in the US or Canada for vehicles registered in the United States of America, regardless of where the booking begins or ends. We are currently unable to offer additional protection for vehicles registered in the state of New York. Please note that coverage is void for the entire booking period if the vehicle enters Mexico.


The deductible for the Comprehensive and Collision coverage is owed by the guest and determined by the protection package selected by the guest at the time of booking. The deductible will apply on a per-loss basis to both comprehensive and collision losses.  

Outdoorsy will use all commercially reasonable efforts to recover the deductible from the guest including the application of any available security deposit following deductions for approved ancillary overage and fees.

Other Declarations Information

Declarations information specific to each rental that is not identified above, such as the vehicle approved for coverage, the covered parties, and coverage period/booking dates, will be provided on the booking receipt available on either parties’ Outdoorsy dashboard.

Other Available Protection Offerings

Protection Coverage Agreements 

Covered Perils

Outdoorsy will pay for sudden, direct, and accidental damage to the listed vehicle for perils covered under our Comprehensive & Collision coverage. Payments will be issued to the legal owner of a listed vehicle unless otherwise specified by the legal owner.  

Our collision coverage will apply when damages are sustained to the covered vehicle as the result of an impact on an object or another vehicle or the upset of the vehicle.  

All covered perils are subject to investigation and determination by our claims team. 


The Outdoorsy coverage will cover comprehensive and collision damages to the vehicle caused by a covered peril. However, as with any insurance policy, there are necessary exclusions to the coverage. Outdoorsy does not cover the following:

  • Losses caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown or failure, wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or damages occurring over time, are not covered. This includes resulting damages from a covered peril that was found to be caused by failure or breakdown.
  • Damages resulting from war, riot, terror, political unrest, biological/chemical, nuclear, or radioactive contamination.
  • Damages resulting from the manufacturer or prior repair defects.
  • Damages incurred where a host has not taken all necessary steps to respond to a manufacturer or NHSTA safety recall issued on their vehicle.
  • Damages to any electronic equipment or accessories designed for the reproduction of sound, that send or receive audio, visual, or data signals unless required for the normal operation of the vehicle.
  • Loss of personal property belonging to either host or guest. The guest is directly responsible for damaged or missing property.
  • Awning fabric, unless confirmed as not having wear or any tears prior to the rental. Awnings must be present for inspection after the booking.
  • Losses to a vehicle that is not approved for coverage, registered, and meeting Outdoorsy safety and inspection and maintenance requirements.
  • If keys were not provided to a verified driver at the start of the booking, host coverage will be denied.
  • Interior damage is not covered under the Outdoorsy Comprehensive and Collision coverage, optional Damage Protection coverage can be purchased by the guest for interior damage protection.
  • Our coverage does not extend to vehicles if the vehicle enters or attempts to enter Mexico.
  • Coverage may not be extended to losses resulting from vandalism or theft if a police report is not submitted. Police reports should be obtained immediately following the loss by the guest.
  • A Police report is required for any incident involving third parties.
  • Loss of use, lost revenue, business interruption, loss of personal use, and transportation costs resulting from damages are not covered by Outdoorsy.
  • Items that are not factory installed at the time of manufacturing may not be covered. Examples include add-on features such as bicycle racks, etc.
  • Damages resulting from an intentional act, or the intentional acts of others at your or the guest’s direction.
  • Damages resulting from a tire blowout where the tire is faulty, defective, older than 6 years of age, damages resulting from the use of improperly sized or load-rated tires, or the use of summer tires in winter conditions are also not covered.
  • Any vehicle not permitted to be licensed by federal, state, or local law.
  • Damages resulting from the use of the vehicle off-road.

Conditions and Provisions

Host Duties Prior to Loss

Outdoorsy reserves the right to deny coverage under its protection packages if there has not been full compliance with the Outdoorsy Terms of Service, and the following duties: 

  • Ensure vehicle is approved for coverage: Prior to any bookings the host is responsible for ensuring that the listed vehicle has passed our insurance approval process.  
  • 90-day inspections: Hosts are responsible for ensuring inspections are completed within 90 days of every booking. Vehicle inspections must be completed and documented by a certified mechanic. If inspections are completed by the host in lieu of a mechanic, photos or any other applicable documentation may be requested and required in addition to the inspection form in order for coverage to be considered. Any vehicle not permitted to be licensed by federal, state, or local law.
  • Keys provided to a verified driver: At the start of a booking it is the host’s responsibility to review the verified drivers under the booking details on the Outdoorsy dashboard. The host must provide keys to a verified driver or host coverage may be denied. 
  • Pre-trip and Post-trip inspections and photos: Immediately prior to releasing the vehicle the host is responsible for completing a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle with the guest and must take photos to document its condition immediately prior to departure and immediately upon return.  

Host Duties After Loss

In addition to the pre-loss requirements, the host also has a responsibility to meet the following after-loss duties if seeking coverage: 

  • Prompt notice of loss: All damages must be reported to Outdoorsy within 48 hours of the end of the booking. Notice should also include the names and contact information of any additional parties involved. If the loss is a result of theft or vandalism, prompt notification to the police is also required.
  • Mitigate damages: Reasonable steps must be taken to protect the vehicle from additional damages after a loss. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure no additional damage is sustained while the claim is investigated. Outdoorsy will pay reasonable expenses incurred to mitigate damages with the submission of receipts and/or invoices.
  • Submit proof of loss and proof of ownership documentation: In order to investigate the claim we will require a claim statement filed under the Outdoorsy dashboard, the submission of pre and post-trip photos as stipulated above to substantiate any claim, copies of your most recent 90-day inspection based on Outdoorsy’s requirements, as well as a document confirming proof of ownership.
    • Proof of ownership examples: a copy of your title / registration, a letter from your lienholder, a bill of sale, or a purchase agreement.
  • Make vehicle available: In addition to the initial photo submission, the host will need to permit us to inspect and appraise the damaged property during our investigation before its repair or disposal.
  • Cooperating with the investigation: The vehicle owner has agreed to cooperate with and assist Outdoorsy in good faith during the investigation per the Outdoorsy Terms and Conditions. 

Abandonment and Salvage

In the event of a loss deemed as repairable, the damaged property cannot be abandoned to Outdoorsy by the insured in order to seek full value. However, if it is determined that the repair cost exceeds the vehicle’s Actual Cash Value, Outdoorsy may take possession of the damaged vehicle and retain the right to salvage it.

Arbitration Agreement

In the event of a payment or coverage dispute, Outdoorsy will attempt to resolve disputes with the affected parties. If an agreement cannot be reached or in the event of a dispute with Outdoorsy, the dispute will be handled via arbitration per the Outdoorsy Terms and Conditions.


Outdoorsy retains the right to not provide coverage for any party who has made fraudulent statements or engaged in fraudulent conduct in order to seek coverage under our protection packages. 


Limit of Liability

Outdoorsy will pay the lesser of the Actual Cash Value of the approved vehicle or the amount necessary to repair or replace the property with other property of like kind and quality as determined and approved by Outdoorsy’s chosen licensed appraiser.  

The guest is not responsible for any additional repairs or expenses exceeding the limit of the Outdoorsy coverage related to loan payoffs, additional repairs, etc. 

Actual Cash Value

Physical damage claims paid under comprehensive and collision coverage are paid up to the Actual Cash Value, or ACV, in the event of a total loss. ACV is determined by establishing a baseline value based on similar vehicles in the host’s geographical region. Then based on a variety of things potentially including mileage, condition, upgrades, inspection, etc. that value will be adjusted accordingly to determine the ACV for the specific vehicle. 

Quality Replacement Parts

Our appraisers will write estimates utilizing quality replacement parts. We will attempt to put the host’s RV back in the condition it was in prior to the accident, and we are confident that can be done with the parts that are listed on our estimate. If there is a reason that Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, parts are needed, the host’s repair shop can submit a supplement to our appraisal team to discuss and come to an agreed price.


Our coverage is designed to put your vehicle back in the position it was prior to the damages; no better and no worse. Over time the value of various parts and components will depreciate.  Our coverage will cover the cost of the actual damage sustained, not the cost to improve the vehicle’s condition to better than its pre-loss condition.

Vandalism and Theft

We reserve the right to require a police report for damage as a result of vandalism or theft during the rental period. The police report needs to be filed within 48 hours of the reported incident by the guest or the host, and the claim needs to be reported to Outdoorsy within 48 hours of the end of the booking or the return of the vehicle. Failure to provide a police report may result in the denial of a claim at the discretion of the Outdoorsy claims team. 

Other Insurance

The Outdoorsy coverage will cover hosts as primary for losses covered under the policy during the rental. Guests’ personal insurance will act as primary to any coverage they have purchased through Outdoorsy. If other sources of recovery also cover the loss, Outdoorsy reserves the right to pursue recovery of any claim payments.

Towing Expenses

The Outdoorsy coverage does not include transportation costs. However, in the event that the vehicle is disabled due to a covered loss and roadside is unable to assist in moving the vehicle, Outdoorsy may assist in covering a tow to the nearest repair facility. If the vehicle needs to be relocated to the shop of choice or to a specialized repairer, Outdoorsy is not liable for any additional towing costs.

Additional Supplementary Coverages

Delivery Coverage

Outdoorsy will provide additional coverage on bookings where the delivery feature has been activated. The Comprehensive & Collision coverage will be extended to cover the delivery route, without additional stops on the start date of the booking. Under this additional coverage, the host is responsible for the deductible during the delivery route which will match the guest’s elected deductible per their bundle. You will also be eligible for liability coverage that will match the minimum financial requirement in the state you are delivering in. Please note: The delivery driver must be the listed host in order to qualify for this coverage and coverage does not extend to pickup.

Other Resources

For details specific to each booking, including a copy of the booking receipt please log in to your personal Outdoorsy dashboard. All listed hosts and booked guests have agreed to the Terms and Conditions which outline additional insurance and company policies. Coverage is subject to the Terms as well as all site content.