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How can I ensure renters use the right fuel?

Renters pumping the wrong fuel type in your RV could not only cause an expensive claim but can also take the RV off the platform while it’s being repaired.

In 2021, almost $1M in claims will be caused by renters pumping the incorrect fuel type into RVs. It is an especially common issue among diesel vehicles.

What happens if gasoline is pumped into my diesel vehicle?

Gasoline damages diesel engines and will need to be flushed from the system. These repairs can be costly and will make your vehicle temporarily unavailable for bookings.

How else can I educate my renters?

We suggest that you educate your renters during the walkthrough and even call out the fuel type in any RV guide or manual you provide. You can also remind your renters about using diesel fuel as part of any mid-trip communication you send.

In addition to this, Outdoorsy is also sending out “DIESEL ONLY” stickers that owners can place on their RV to remind renters about your RV’s fuel needs.

How much do these stickers cost?

Nothing! Owners will receive a sticker at no cost to them.

When will stickers arrive?

Stickers will start to arrive in August 2021. They’ll be sent by our trusted partner Kotis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Support at 877-723-7232.