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Should I expect to receive a tax form from Outdoorsy?

Yes, so long as:

  • You had 200+ bookings and more than $20,000 in reportable payments in 2023.
  • Or, Outdoorsy withheld taxes from your payouts for some or all of 2023.

If so, then Outdoorsy will prepare a 1099-K tax form for your personal or business income taxes. Your form will be ready by Jan. 31 for the prior tax year. 

We’ll also notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of your reportable payments.

As always, we encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income.

Manage your tax info

You can add, update, or check your tax information in the Account area of your Dashboard, on the Payment info or Taxes tab.

1099-K delivery preference

You can choose to receive a printed tax form by mail or a digital copy through your online account.

Tax withholding

If you don’t submit your tax info, we’ll continue to withhold at least 24% of your payouts as income tax. We remit this to the IRS for you. However, this isn’t ideal.

You may not get credit for the tax payments since they go to the IRS without your tax information. That could result in long phone calls with the IRS or even having to pay the taxes a second time.

A look ahead

Reporting requirements may change for the 2024 tax year. It’s possible that any host with at least $600 in reportable payments will get a 1099-K going forward. We’ll keep an eye out for any developments.