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Data dictionary

Some terms and definitions you might find useful while using Outdoorsy.

Additional driver
The trip owner can invite their partner, friends, or family members to verify their IDs so that they can help operate the vehicle.

Hosts can create add-ons for their listings, which are optional items the guest can purchase for their trip, if they wish. This helps guests customize their experience and hosts earn extra income. Popular add-ons include things like bicycles and kayaks.

Booking request
The first step in matching guests and hosts. A booking request tells RV hosts that a guest is interested in their vehicle. Hosts have 24 hours to respond, either by approving it or messaging the guest, before the request expires. A booking request doesn’t guarantee a rental until further steps are taken.

Customer support team
Your go-to support team, focused on delivering timely and empathetic help to hosts and guests. Email support@outdoorsy.com or call +1 877-723-7232. Or, start a live chat at the bottom right corner of Outdoorsy.com.

DMV check
After booking an RV, guests are prompted to upload photos of themselves and their driver’s license in order to verify their ID. It’s easiest to complete on a camera-enabled mobile device. Only verified drivers are allowed to operate the vehicle during the trip. If a trip starts without a verified driver, the guest won’t receive any claims coverage for vehicle damage.

An Outdoorsy member who requests a booking or rents from a host.

An Outdoorsy member who publishes a rental listing on Outdoorsy.com.

Host success team
A combined effort between enthusiastic educators from the Outdoorsy staff and hosts who volunteer as mentors. The team’s mission is to help hosts achieve their financial goals by sharing their property through a fun, safe marketplace.

An Outdoorsy feature that allows guests to make reservations immediately, without the host reviewing and approving the trip. This is a great way for hosts to maximize their earning potential, but it’s important for them to keep their calendars up to date.

An Outdoorsy feature that connects hosts with people in their area who are actively looking for a rental. Hosts receive a quick summary of their trip plans and can either send a quote or a message to the guest.

Someone who signs up on Outdoorsy.com. Members can sign up directly by email, Apple, Facebook, or Google, or indirectly by starting a rental listing and providing their email address.

Seasonal rates
Seasonal rates — the practice of raising rates during high-demand months — are discretionary (but common) in the peer-to-peer rental community. For example, in the U.S., the typical busy season for RV rentals runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Hosts might also consider lowering their prices during off-season months.

Trip owner
The guest who books and pays for the trip. This guest can add their friends and family to the trip with an email invitation.

Verified driver
Verified drivers have undergone Outdoorsy’s extensive driving background check and are approved to drive a rental vehicle.