Teardrop Camper With Bathroom – The 10 Best Options

Jen YoungMay 13, 2022

Teardrop Camper With Bathroom – The 10 Best Options

No doubt about it: teardrop campers are lightweight, easy to tow, ultra-functional, and reasonably priced. But one look at a teardrop camping trailer and you wonder whether it’s possible to have a bathroom in such a compact space. 

Although these egg-shaped campers are smaller than conventional trailers, they are packed with many of the amenities you find in larger rigs. Yes, even bathrooms. But not all have a space to freshen up. In fact, a significant percentage don’t come with a bathroom.

However, just because finding a teardrop with a toilet and shower is somewhat rare doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the best teardrop campers with bathrooms. And if you want to try before you buy – check out this guided search to find the right teardrop for you.

Let’s dive into teardrops.

Try A Teardrop To See If It’s Right For You

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First, What is a Teardrop Camper?

A teardrop camper, also known as a teardrop trailer, is a compact, lightweight travel trailer with an aerodynamic design. These nimble trailers have one thing in common—a curved, teardrop profile, that also resembles an egg shape.

Teardrops have been around since the early 1930s. But for many years, these campers were a basic unit, offering just a bed, kitchen, and a few other simple extras. In recent years, teardrops are experiencing an unprecedented revival, and they offer something different.

Modern teardrop campers come in different sizes and have a wide array of amenities. Some are large enough to stand in and have homely amenities such as a full RV kitchen, comfortable sleeping space, dining areas, and a complete bathroom with a separate toilet and shower.

People are falling in love with them because of how cheap they are to tow, their ability to be pulled by almost any car, and how advanced they’ve become recently. Plus, they’re also attracting travelers who want to reduce their footprint or revert to the simplest form of camping after the tent.

Do Teardrop Campers Have Bathrooms?

As we mentioned before, not every teardrop camper has a bathroom. Most classic teardrop trailers often lack a toilet or shower. While a bathroom isn’t always necessary for camping in a developed campground, it’s a feature every camper appreciates when boondocking or embarking on a long road trip.

That’s why for many RVers, having a bathroom in their rig is non-negotiable. They can compromise on the size and shape of a camper, but won’t budge when it comes to having a toilet and shower.

Thankfully, many teardrop manufacturers have recognized this need, and are now equipping their tiny creations with a bathroom. Plus, technology advances and modern materials have made it possible for teardrops to be easily fitted with partial or complete bathrooms.

The 10 Best Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms

Here are the best teardrops for sale that have a bathroom.

Timberline Trailer by HomeGrown

HomeGrown is an RV brand that makes sustainable, handcrafted travel trailers. Their teardrop trailer, Timberline, is a sleek wooden unit that’s molded to satisfy all your travel cravings. It’s almost 7 ft high in the center point and undoubtedly one of the best teardrop toilers with a bathroom. 

For privacy, the toilet and shower are located in a different room. Timberline has a large kitchen with a sink, fridge, and cooktop and sleeps up to 5 people, thanks to its queen bed and bunk beds. It also has a solar system and large windows for lots of light and airflow. To pull this trailer, you’ll need a vehicle that can tow at least 5,000 lbs.

Bathroom Features – This camper offers a shower, plus a composting toilet designed to use microbial processes with little-to-no water to break down waste into organic compost. So it doesn’t have a black water tank. 

Little Guy Mini Max Teardrop Trailer

Photo credit: Go Little Guy

Made by Xtreme Outdoors, Little Guy Trailers continues to stand out as one of the best teardrop trailer brands. Their units keep the spirit of the teardrop shape while still offering residential-style amenities. There are three models, and each one comes with a bed, fridge, stove, and sink at a minimum.

If you want something small, packed with features, go for the Mini Max version. It has a height of 6 feet, giving you enough standing room, and a dry weight of only 2,320 pounds, meaning you can tow it with an SUV. You’ll love the superior craftsmanship, quality materials, and clever details.

Bathroom Features – But do little guy campers have bathrooms? Yes, they do. The Little Guy Mini Max has a wetbath that’s generously sized and a marine-style toilet with a conserving sprayer and pedal flush. Plus, the bathroom is enclosed, ensuring the water used in the shower doesn’t leak outside.

nuCamp TAB 320 Teardrop Camper

nuCamp builds some of the most iconic teardrops on the road today. While most tiny campers have bare-bone features, the Tab 320 is one step away from being a complete travel trailer. This mobile abode has a wet bath, a dinette that converts into a comfortable sleeping area for 2, and an interior galley kitchen.

This teardrop weighs about 2,000 pounds when empty, thanks to its aluminum and fiberglass construction. If you want to boondock, you can go for the off-road version that includes tough-terrain tires, excellent ground clearance, a pitched axle, and a solar system.

Bathroom Features – Inside this trailer is a wet bath that has a cassette toilet and a built-in sink. The plumbing fixtures are supported by a 19-gallon freshwater tank, 18-gallon grey water tank, and a black tank with a 5-gallon capacity.

Forest River R-Pod 171

If the idea of minimal camping appeals to you, but you’re not ready to forego the comfort of a real bathroom, then go for the Forest River R-Pod 171. Model 171 is the smallest model in the Forest River series, just over 18 ft and 2500 lbs. 

Inside, it’s almost like taking a nice apartment and putting it on wheels. The interior is adorned with sleeping space for 3-4, a 2-burner cooktop, refrigerator, convection microwave, furnace, and AC. There’s also ample dinette seating to relax, enjoy meals, and work.

Bathroom Features – The bathroom has a toilet, shower, and in-built sink, allowing you to rely less on campground amenities. Even better, its black tank has one of the largest capacities of all campers on this list, holding 30 gallons.

Jayco Hummingbird 17RB

Photo credit: Jayco

Classified as a small travel trailer, but with a distinctive teardrop profile, the Hummingbird is worthy of featuring in our list. It’s made by Jayco, a titan in the RV industry. The camper is just 19 ft, but it’s comfortable and equipped with everything you need to feel at home on the road.

Inside, you’ll find sleeping accommodation for 4, and a well-equipped kitchen with a fridge, microwave, and sink. There’s also a dinette to serve your meals or to act as your work desk. Its excellent exterior construction gives you extra protection from the elements.

Bathroom Features  This trailer includes a modest bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink in an enclosed space. The fresh, gray, and black water tanks have capacities of around 25 gallons each.

Winnebago Minnie Drop Hike H170S

The Minnie Drop Hike H170S trailer has an aerodynamic shape with rounded ends, and it’s chock-full of all the amenities you need to make the journey as memorable as the destination. It measures 20 feet long, has a stellar build with stylistic finishes, and has a dry weight of 3,260, making it the lightest floorplan in the Hike series.

This tiny camping unit features a galley with a 3-burner stove, dinette, TV, pantry cabinet, a sleeping area for 3, as well as a bathroom. There’s also generous space for your gear, and you can attach your outdoor toys to the rugged exoskeleton.

Bathroom Features – This is one of the few lightweight trailers with a dry bathroom. It has a separate toilet and shower, plus a sink and a door to access the bath. The freshwater tank holds 31 gallons, while the black and gray tanks have a 25-gallon capacity each.

Try A Teardrop To See If It’s Right For You

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iCamp Elite Trailer

If you’re looking for a teardrop camper with bathroom under 2,500 lbs, check out the iCamp Elite trailer. It’s a tiny, tough, and vividly colored camper with an unloaded weight of 2,366. This camper has an attractive and durable fiberglass exterior, and the interior has everything you need to drive off the sunset comfortably, including a wet bath.

The iCamp Elite trailer is 14 ft long, 6 ft 8 inches high, and about 8 ft high. Inside, you’ll find a modest kitchen with an oven and fridge and a sleeping area for two or three, making it a great option for couples and small families. It also has a wardrobe and ample storage.

Bathroom Features – The bathroom comes with a shower, a marine toilet, a small sink, and an overhead cabinet. There’s a 22-gallon freshwater tank to support the sink, shower, and toilet, a gray water tank that can hold 14-gallons, and a 6-gallon capacity black water tank.

The Happier Camper HC1

The Happier Camper HC1 is a 14-foot-long camping trailer that’s made of100-percent fiberglass. It doesn’t exactly have the teardrop shape, but it has a nice retro feel to it. One brilliant and fascinating feature of this rig is that the owner can easily rearrange the floorplan into a diverse range of configurations at a moment’s notice. 

You can customize the 42 square feet of living spaces into an office, dining area, sleeping quarters for four, or lounge space in minutes. It also has a complete kitchenette and bathroom option. The camper weighs in at approximately 1,800 pounds when empty.

Bathroom Features – The Happier Camper HC1 with an optional bathroom has a dry flush toilet that doesn’t use water at all for waste disposal. Although it’s not a closed-off bathroom, it will help increase your comfort and extend your escapades in the wild.

KZ Escape Mini Trailer 

The KZ Escape Mini is another ultra-light trailer that has a bathroom. Although the current model doesn’t have the distinctive egg shape, such as the 2017 and 2018 versions, all their mini campers are nimble enough and loaded with impressive features.

These 20-foot, 3,000-pound campers are designed to transport your adventure gear outdoors, thanks to their ample storage. The trailers don’t just excel in storage—every model has a dinette, full kitchenette with a pantry and refrigerator, sleeping space for four, and, of course, a bathroom.

Bathroom Features – All models of the Escape Mini have a functional bathroom space that includes a flush toilet, as well as a small shower stall. Some even have a sink and vanity area. All have a freshwater tank capacity of 20 gallons, wastewater capacity of 30, while the black tanks hold 30 gallons.

The Scamp 13 Deluxe

The Scamp 13 is one of the smallest campers with a bathroom. It may not have the geometrical shape of a teardrop, but it feels like one. Most importantly, it has all the comforts you want in a tiny package, weighing just under 1,600 pounds. Its standard features include a 2-burner stove, kitchen sink, fridge, and sleeping space for two to four. 

When it comes to floorplans, you can either pick the option with a dinette area in the front with seats and a table or go with the bathroom option in the front. But you can’t have both. So make sure you select the one with a bathroom if that’s a must-have for you.

Bathroom Features – The bathroom option includes a closed-off area with a modest shower and toilet in the front for privacy. The toilet is connected to a black water tank that you can drain at a site with hookup facilities.

What’s the Price of a Teardrop Camper?

On average, a brand new teardrop campers cost between $5,000 to $20,000. The smallest and lightest versions are typically priced under $10,000. Mid-sized teardrops cost between $10,000 to $20,000, while larger and feature-rich teardrops fetch above 20,000. 

Sophisticated versions with a quality build and brimming with amenities can cost all the way to $75,000. If you’re wondering how much is a teardrop camper with a bathroom, expect to part away with anything between $15,000 and $40,000. Note that teardrop campers with bathroom prices vary depending on the size, quality, and design.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Teardrop Camper?

Renting a teardrop can help you figure out whether these tiny campers will fit your travel lifestyle and what amenities to look for if you decide to purchase. A quick look here on Outdoorsy, and you’ll notice the cost of renting a teardrop camper is between $70 and $115.

Are Teardrop Trailers Worth it?

Teardrop trailers are worth it for many reasons. First, they are lightweight, so you will likely not need to purchase a special tow vehicle. Second, they are easy to tow and can fit into smaller parking or storage spaces. Third, they can go deeper in nature thanks to their maneuverability. Economic-wise, teardrops are easy on the gas mileage, not to mention they cost less to buy, rent, and maintain.

Now, should I just invest in a bigger travel trailer or are teardrop trailers with a bathroom worth it? Teardrops, whether they have a dry bath or wet bath, are a better option for travelers who want a smaller footprint, compared to large and heavy travel trailers. Just make sure you go for something that has thoughtful details and matches your personal needs.

Stay Fresh on The Road With a Teardrop Camper Bathroom

There you have it, the 10 best teardrop trailers with a bathroom. With these small trailers, you never have to stop for bathroom breaks during a long road trip, plus you’ll become less reliant on campground amenities. And you’ll be pleased by the fact that they’re less expensive than a small campervan or travel trailer.

But before committing to a purchase, consider renting a teardrop camping trailer to get as much information as possible about these tiny units. Renting for a week or more is a smart way to tell if a teardrop will suit your travel lifestyle in the long term.

Try A Teardrop To See If It’s Right For You

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