Motorcycle Camper Trailers: For Camping or Cargo

Lizzie DragonAugust 27, 2020

Motorcycle Camper Trailers: For Camping or Cargo

Now, we know what you may be thinking, “A motorcycle towing a trailer? You’re crazy!” But motorcyclists rejoice; you can experience an RV road trip from the comfort of your two-wheel ride. Motorcycle camper trailers make this possible, so what are they? 

What are motorcycle camper trailers? 

Motorcycle camper trailers, as the name suggests, are campers that are built to be pulled behind a motorcycle. Though they look similar to pop-up trailers, they are much more lightweight and compact. Because of their affordability and accessibility, you can easily turn a bike trip into a camping trip. 

Is it safe to pull a trailer behind a motorcycle? 

In general, yes, as long as your motorcycle has the capacity to tow the weight of the trailer! Most motorcycle camper trailers will weigh around 300 pounds. A good rule of thumb is to never load the trailer with more than half the weight of your bike. That said, always check your motorcycle’s specifications to make sure it can handle towing a camper. You’ll also need the necessary hitch, as well as wiring for the rear lights that’ll allow them to shine through. The good news is, if your bike has the towing capabilities, you can add the other necessary equipment pretty easily and relatively inexpensively. 

How much does a motorcycle camper trailer cost?

The cost of motorcycle camping trailers ranges in the thousands, from around $2000 to upwards of $6000 or more. The cost will also vary if you have to equip your bike with towing capabilities. 

In general, you can expect to pay under or around $3000 for smaller motorcycle camper trailers and from $3000 to $6000 for larger models with more features.

What amenities to motorcycle camper trailers have?

Motorcycle camper trailer amenities may include: 

  • sleeping accommodations 
  • a place to change your clothes
  • a pullout sunshade 

Because motorcycle campers are pretty small, they won’t have bathroom facilities, a kitchen, or the other luxuries you may find in bigger RVs. Admittedly they won’t have much; however, they have the bare necessities.  

What types of motorcycle camper trailers are there? 

Though there’s a variety of pull-behind motorcycle trailers for your cargo and your pet, there are two main types of motorcycle camper trailers: 

  1. Clamshell Trailers
  2. Platform/Pop Up Camper Trailers

Both types of motorcycle camper trailers have a low profile to combat wind resistance so that they can be easily pulled behind a motorcycle or a small car. 

Clamshell Trailers

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A clamshell motorcycle camper trailer may look like just a box, but when you open it up, it’s a tent! Fabric is attached to the top and bottom halves that, when opened, create a shelter and small sleeping space. Typically, clamshell trailers can only accommodate a single occupant, so if you’re traveling with another, the platform camper trailer is your best bet.  

Platform Pop Up Camper Trailers

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Unlike with clamshell campers, once opened, the tent is pitched on the floor of a platform trailer. In general, these motorcycle trailers are larger and can even accommodate a queen or king-sized air mattress. Similar to the clamshell design, platform campers look like just a box until you pitch your tent or pop it up. 

With the pop-up design of this motorcycle camper trailer, you’ll have somewhere to sleep and store your stuff!

Other Pull-Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Cargo Trailers 

Suppose you aren’t looking for a night under the stars in a motorcycle camper trailer, but you still need something to hold your gear, whatever it may be, the cargo trailer is for you. Pull-behind cargo trailers provide a little more storage for motorcyclists. Some may even fit a tent and other camping gear!  

Dog Trailers

Want to take your dog along for the ride? Pull-behind dog trailers are fully-enclosed, ventilated, and have the proper suspension so you can hit the road on your bike with your furry friend safely in tow. 

Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers 

A quick internet search will leave you plenty of options when it comes to motorcycle camper trailers. We’ve gathered a list of some highly-rated mini trailers to make your search easier. Note that all pricing does not account for shipping or added accessories. 

Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camping Trailer

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Price: $3,449.00

The Solace motorcycle camper trailer is 23 cubic feet. After a simple 5-minute set up, you’ll have a 72 square foot home that can fit a full or queen size air mattress, and even a small dining area. 

Other features include: 

  • Tent poles
  • Table 
  • Full-size air mattress
  • LED taillights 
  • Cooler and cooler rack
  • A/C port

Kwik Kamp II Camper Trailer

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Price: $3,699.00 

Serving as both a camping and cargo trailer, Kwik Kamp makes a camper trailer that is easy to tow and set up. The 24 cubic feet of the cargo bay gives you the space to pack for the perfect camping trip for two. 

Other features include: 

  • Polyester weather-resistant tent
  • King-size mattress
  • LED taillights
  • A/C port
  • Large windows 

Time Out Deluxe Camper

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Price: $4,595.00

The Deluxe Camper from Time Out is the largest of their trailers, with 23 cubic feet of cargo space. It has a lightweight design that boasts of only 20 pounds of tongue weight. 

Other features include: 

  • Queen air mattress 
  • Butcher block folding table 
  • Folding chair 
  • Tinted window screens

Kompact Kamp Mini Mate Camper

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Price: $3,195.00

The Mini Mate camper can be set up to form a sleeping space for two in about two minutes! Though it only has 15 cubic feet of cargo space, it’s only 260 pounds, making for easy motorcycle towing. 

Other features include: 

  • Fiberglass body and lid 
  • U/V and water-resistant tent 
  • Carpet, cushions, and LED lights

Hit the Road

Don’t let the limited storage of your motorcycle keep you from exploring the outdoors and experiencing the wonders of camping. Pop-up, platform, and clamshell motorcycle camper trailers make it easy. Whether you prefer a two-wheel ride or a four-wheel ride, there is a camper trailer for you. Don’t want to buy your own? No problem. Outdoorsy’s peer-to-peer RV rental platform has endless options for every RVer, from fifth-wheel RVs to pop up motorcycle trailers. Happy camping!

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