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Steve G.

0mai 2023

Dan Wyrick canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Amanda M.

1mai 2023

The van experienced an electrical problem before we took it out on the road, and we had no idea the extent of it. Dan was very responsive at the beginning, but he's fully ghosted us now as we're trying to get a discount for returning the vehicle 8 days early.

Andrew C.

5janvier 2023

Took the RV on a little trip through Arizona and got caught in a pretty bad snowstorm on I40. Had to shorten our trip due to the storm. An RV that's in good condition is the best vehicle to be caught in a snowstorm. We just pulled off to the side, started the furnace and waited out the storm till the next morning. By then, the storm cleared and the drive was much easier. As for the parts of the trip that we did enjoy, having such a small RV is a true delight. Best thing is finding a nice place to park as this thing can fit in most normal parking spots unlike a big Class A or even the smaller Class C. I had to make a U-turn at one point on a narrow 2-way road. I was able to pull it off without even making it a 3-point turn. Keep in mind that Snow White is a front wheel drive vehicle, so be mindful where you park. I made sure to stay on pavement as I saw a Suburu Outback get stuck in the mud at one rest area simply because the parked in the mud and it rained all night. By the morning, they had sunk two feet and needed a tow to get out. (Outbacks are all 4wd). The popup feature is neat and comfortable provides two additional sleepers. There are vents for heating to reach up there, but it's still very cold at night. Make sure you're using low temp sleeping bags up there.
Dan communicates well and is very accommodating.

Ashley J.

5novembre 2022

We had a wonderful trip with this van for thanksgiving. The stove and fridge came in handy for preparing the thanksgiving feast at our relatives house! It was great to have some extra space! We used the hotspot on our phones to watch Netflix and Hulu on a Roku that we brought along. The back seats have seatbelts so some folks can lounge while someone drives. I caught up on a half a season of Grey’s Anatomy on the TV in the back while we were driving and when it was my turn to drive we had a Nintendo switch we hooked up so my other half could play some games. We had some questions come up and Dan was quick to respond to help us even for the small things! Overall we had an amazing vacation! Highly recommend!

Heather B.

5novembre 2022

The van was in great condition. Dan was awesome and so easy to work with. The van made our trip great and gave us the ability to explore Colorado on our own terms without having to worry about hotels, etc.

Kallay R.

5septembre 2022

Dan provided us with the best van! It took us from Denver to Moab, up to Estes Park, and back to Denver. It was fully equipped for boondocking in comfort and style! Thanks again!

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John W.

5septembre 2022